Providence unveiled academic changes that will go into effect Fall 2018. Providence students will now have the opportunity to choose from one of the following eight career concentrations: Biblical Theological Studies/Biblical Languages (BTS-BL), Business, Economics, and Entrepreneurship (BEE), Education (EDU), English and Communications (E & C), Health and Life Sciences (HLS), Media, Culture, and the Arts (MCA), Philosophy, Politics, and History (PPH), and Psychology (PSY).

Moreover, as part of the college’s commitment and vision to build upon past and continue to pursue excellence in offering the finest Reformed liberal arts education possible, we have enhanced our liberal arts core by (a) creating a four-course Humanities sequence (“Philosophical, Political, and Economic Thought,” “Classical and Medieval Civilization and Culture,” “Modern Civilization and Culture,” and “American Civilization and Culture”), and (b) adding three courses (“Principles and Practice of Innovation,” “Principles of Management, Organization and Communication,” and “Christ, Culture, and Contextualization”) to the core. While these new courses will be available to all Providence students, they will become part of the required curriculum starting with the 2018-19 first-year cohort.

Both of these developments will help consolidate and build depth within the core and the concentrations, and will be a springboard to producing a curriculum that is as outstanding as it is sustainable. Returning students will continue to be offered the “two-concentration” academic program model. Current students will also have an opportunity to change to the new program.

Dr. David Corbin has weighed in substantially on these curricular developments, and is excited to come on  board. He will be teaching the new four-course Humanities sequence, and plans in the future to be very involved in teaching Politics and International Affairs courses within the new Philosophy, Politics, and History (PPH) concentration.