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This transformational HSI grant distributed in $600k increments over 5 years will provide much needed resources to enhance student success for our entire student body and graduates.


Pasadena, California (October 23, 2023) – One of the strategic distinctions of Providence Christian College’s location in Southern California has been the growing segment of our Hispanic student population. As a result, Providence secured the designation as a Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) with more than 25% of our undergraduate population being of Hispanic descent. Last year this designation facilitated an opportunity for senior administration led by Dawn Dirksen (then CFO/COO) and Dr. David Alexander (CAO) to collaborate on writing and submitting a grant proposal to secure a grant for Providence from the Department of Education.

Providence is thrilled to announce that the DOED has awarded Providence this grant! We thank God for the news of this transformational grant that will facilitate amazing new resources to better serve not only our Hispanic student population but also the entire student body, as well as graduates beyond their time at Providence. Professor Jan Van Spronsen has been appointed to the position of Project Director and will lead the deployment and administration of grant initiatives. The official title of the grant project is Promesa de la Providencia.

  • The key areas the grant will address are (a) improving Providence’s onboarding of students and families to college life, (b) student success while at Providence, and (c) student success upon graduating from Providence.

(a) Will allow us to better acquaint new students and their families to all that Providence offers and requires for success.
(b) Will allow us to improve our Academic Resource Center, Writing Center, and create additional opportunities on campus for students to grow academically and spiritually.
(c) Will allow us the create a postgraduate success center that will address job placement, graduate school placement, and internship opportunities.

The double-edged challenge for every college student is persistence in successful completion of their education and the translation of a degree into a successful post-graduate path of career or graduate education. This grant will provide tremendous resources to help all our students succeed at Providence and succeed beyond Providence.

Dr. David E. Alexander
Vice President for Academic Affairs