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In Christo
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in biblical truth

As a confessionally Reformed Christian college, we believe that God’s Word is the source of true wisdom and understanding.


in the classical liberal arts

A Providence education is rooted in the classical liberal arts—an immersive study of God’s common grace found in the richness of the Western intellectual tradition.


to be virtuous citizens

Providence embraces the aspirational ideals of Western Civilization: love of liberty and neighbor, public and private morality, human and societal flourishing.


Who we are

The mission of Providence Christian College as a Reformed Christian institution is to equip students to be firmly grounded in biblical truth, thoroughly educated in the liberal arts, and fully engaged in their church, their community, and the world for the glory of God and for service to humanity.


An Education with a Roadmap


Choose your concentration

Our courses are purposefully designed to empower you with core knowledge in your field of study, electives that interest you further, and internships to gain vocational experience.


Your new home in the heart of Los Angeles

A world-renowned city of sublime architecture, historical legacy, and thriving culture, Pasadena is ranked one of the top ten walkable cities in the United States.


Growing together in one faith

Our life together at Providence is designed to provide a Christ-centered environment to nurture spiritual growth, lifelong friendships, and maturity in faith.



On the field and off the field, student athletes are pushed to serve others, think critically, to build community, and compete intentionally.


Scholarships and grants are available

Providence is committed to helping create a financial aid package to make college affordable for you. 100% of our students receive financial aid in the form of grants and scholarships.




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The Virtuous Mind - A Podcast from Providence Christian Collage


The Virtuous Mind

Hosted by Dr. David E. Alexander

THE VIRTUOUS MIND is a podcast from Providence Christian College that discusses all facets of the human experience and the liberal arts from a biblical worldview. Listen to full episodes on all major podcast including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

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