The 3 phases of your journey


Your Core

A Providence education begins with a twenty-four course academic core in which students study the best of what has been thought, written, and said, with the goal of encouraging students to live a life of purposeful, God-glorifying engagement.


Your Concentration

Our students choose a concentration from eight disciplines. These concentrations are purposely selected to enable them to pursue a calling in the service of God and others.

Phase III

Your Capstone

In their third and fourth years, Providence students branch out of the classrooms and participate in apprenticeships, internships, and experiential and study-abroad opportunities in preparation for their vocations beyond Providence.

The Avodah Program

Cross cultural immersion experiences

In order to equip students to effectively engage the diverse local and global community, Providence sponsors Avodah Experiences, which offer a holistic view of education giving practical application of theoretical teaching in the classroom through day trips and extended cross cultural immersion experiences. The purpose of the program is to understand kingdom service and culture — including the people, worldviews, artifacts, traditions and languages.

Witherspoon Honors Program

A unique scholarship opportunity

The Witherspoon Honors Program is a selective scholarship program that covers 75% of tuition and includes subsidized world travel. If you are an ambitious student with a track record of academic success, we encourage you to apply.


Dr. David Corbin

Vice President for Academics
& Professor of Politics

Dr. Scott Swanson

Professor of Biblical
& Theological Studies

Dr. John Cunningham

Associate Professor of Humanities

Brandon Addison

Assistant Professor of Business Administration

Danielle Alsky

Preceptor in English and Writing Center Director

Jan Van Spronsen

Director of Academic Resource Center, Director of Institutional Assessment, Disability Coordinator, Preceptor in Education

Alan Armes

Lecturer in Film and Video Production

Dr. Ben Austin

Preceptor in Biblical Studies

Julie Bykerk

Lecturer in Education

Valentin Gonzalez-Bohorquez

Lecturer in Spanish

Dianne Harmel

Lecturer in Music

Walker Haynes

Lecturer in Drama

Paul Jimenez

Kuyper Fellow in Humanities and the Moral Sciences

Flora Krook

Lecturer in English and Literature

Dr. David E. Alexander

Associate Professor of Philosophy 

Isaiah Lin

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Sam Mahtani

Lecturer in Sports Psychology


Lecturer in Biology

Dr. Lawrence Mumford

Visiting Lecturer in Music

Kelly Franks

Preceptor in Health and Life Science

Dan Newkirk

Visiting Lecturer in Natural Science

Dr. Chuck Ryor

Lecturer in Communication Arts

Tim Scheuers

Lecturer in History

Joana Schiestl

Lecturer in Sociology

Peter Uwarow

Preceptor in Literature