Rebekah Dirksen has a vision for her future. She begins her college career this fall at Providence Christian College in Pasadena and ultimately sees herself someday leading a research team or teaching biology as a professor.

“Providence is a really good place to get my bearings in the world. When I go there I can pursue both career directions without having to pick one and possibly change my major later like at other schools. I have friends at other universities and their choices are very narrow.”

She plans to focus on marine biology and says she is excited about being able to start her health science classes right away in her freshman year using exciting new technology like 3D labs.

“I love getting down to the nitty-gritty and would enjoy being part of a team that helps animals. I’d like to start out as a research biologist at an aquarium. Ever since I was little I always wanted to do something with the ocean and going through school I liked biology. I like learning how life works – learning about all the amazing microscopic machines that God has made for the flagellum on a tiny amoeba – one of the most complicated machines that exist – these crazy little things are so interesting. I have always been good at experiments and wanted to learn more and more. It will be fun to dissect a frog online.”

Equally important to Rebekah is her Christian faith. She calls herself “a big biblical nut” and looks forward to her classes being taught based on faith-guided learning. “Even though I am an adult, I’m nowhere near done learning and being taught things about the Bible. I want to keep learning more from a reformed perspective – I don’t want that to go away after high school – continuing into college is important to me.”

In addition to the curriculum, Rebekah is looking forward to other activities in college including choir, student government and Track and Field. “I’m going to try out for the track and field team and hopefully help to start a throwing program for discus and shotput. My coach in high school was an alternate for the Olympics and he was a big influence on me advising me to continue into college.”