12599436_485457854971946_875215366_nStudents from Providence Christian College will be studying “La Vita Bella in Italia (The Beautiful Life in Italy)” in May as they travel to Rome May 16 through June 4 for the college’s May Term trip abroad.

“In addition to earning 6 class credits, students will be making great memories as their curriculum comes alive in churches, museums, parks, and piazzas,” explains Max Belz, Director of Experiential Learning at Providence.

Prior to the trip, the students have been studying ancient literature, art and architecture directly connected to the sites the students will visit during the trip in Rome, Florence, Venice and Assisi.

According to Belz, ancient history will come alive for the students as they step into the Colosseum where gladiators fought to the death, explore the Forum where Julius Caesar walked, and see some of the earliest Christian churches in the Western world.

Exploring the catacombs just outside the ancient walls of Rome will provide insights about early Christian burial practices.  Renaissance and Baroque art and architecture will abound as students visit dozens of museums and churches scattered throughout Rome and Florence, including St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City.

By using Italy’s extensive and easy-to-navigate train system, students will also have free time to explore on their own options such as Cinque Terre (five towns that hug the coast of the Italian Riviera), Siena (a medieval Tuscan city), and Pisa.

Belz has also arranged a selection of accommodations and means of transportation to reflect the local culture rather than the normal tourist experience. Students will also benefit from the historical perspective of Dr. Ryan McIlhenny, Providence Professor of History and Humanities, who will be accompanying the group and teaching students during the trip.