Providence is pleased to announce that Dr. Richard Mouw will be the keynote speaker for the February Academic Conference this year.  Dr. Mouw is President Emeritis of Fuller Theological Seminary and has authored 19 books with various themes on the intersection of culture and Christianity.

The public is invited and all lectures will be held in Franson Hall on the campus of Providence Christian College.

“The Call to Cultural Discipleship” Conference Schedule

Thursday, February 13

10:30 AM Lecture 1: “Exegeting our Cultural Context”

1:30 PM   Lecture 2: “The Positive Challenges of Religious Pluralism”

7:00 PM   Lecture 3: “Why God Cares About Ancient Chinese Vases”

8:15 PM   Reception with Dr. Richard Mouw

Friday, February 14

10:30 AM    Lecture 4: “Cultural Engagement As Holy Worldliness”