By Max Belz, Admissions Counselor

Two leather suitcases and a box records sitting on the pavement
Freshment students began arriving with their families on Friday, bringing with them everything they might need to make their room feel like home away from home.

On Friday, August 27, the expectant community of Providence Christian College welcomed 19 new students to its new campus. These young adults came from all over the country and Canada to attend freshmen orientation before the returning students arrive. The resident life staff were as excited to see students as the freshmen were to see the college. “Having students on campus feels like we’re finally finished,” resident director Dave Ligtenberg said. “We’ve been moving and preparing and Pasadena can finally settle into our real jobs again.”

Though students had the whole day to move in, many of them had checked in and received their room keys before the end of the morning. Rebecca Konynenbelt, of Lethbridge, Alberta, arrived with her family around 10 am. cheap NFL jerseys While Providence admissions and residence life staff unloaded their van, Mr. Konynenbelt joked, “This is better attention than we got yesterday at Six Flags.”

This semester’s crowd wholesale NBA jerseys of freshmen hails from near and far, including Illinois, New York, Idaho, North Carolina, Arizona, and Ontario and Alberta, Canada. The Branson family drove all night from Prescott, AZ to drop off their daughter Marissa. Transfer student Galen Tuggy made the short drive cheap nfl jerseys from Orange County to move into his new digs. Others flew to the Los Angeles airport (LAX) and Burbank. Ninety percent will be living on Miami Dolphins Jerseys campus and by dinner everyone had moved into their freshly renovated rooms in the south end beim of Aylward House.

Student English move-in day also brought respite from 100 degree temperatures earlier in the week. Friday’s high was 88. It cools off further in the evenings as well, which is a bonus for students who will take advantage of area stores and entertainment. “The campus is amazing and beautiful,” said incoming freshman Marissa Branson. “The location is really nice too, because there are lots of grocery stores and shops down the street.”

On Friday night, William Carey’s staff served dinner to the new students and their parents in Franson Hall as the opening event of an orientation that will last until Tuesday. After dinner, President Halvorson shared his vision in a speech titled “The Providence Perspective.” He articulated Providence’s identity as a reformed liberal arts college in the city of Pasadena.

Saturday’s events consisted of a brunch, a chapel service led by Professor Troy Lamberth, a faculty forum with students and parents, and a financial aid seminar with Larissa Kamps. On Sunday, students left for 9 a two-day retreat in Big Bear, California. Meanwhile, returning students arrived to campus on Monday.