Application for Admission

Congratulations on deciding to take the first step toward an amazing future by applying to Providence Christian College!

Please choose the application that describes you best.

Use the Freshman Application if:
-you are a high school senior and haven’t taken any college or university courses
-you have taken or will take college or university courses prior to high school graduation

Apply now as a freshman! 

Use the Transfer Application if: 
-you have taken college or university courses after high school graduation

Apply now as a transfer! 

Admissions Requirements

  • ACT minimum: English 18, Math 18, Composite 19
  • New SAT minimum: Reading and Writing 500, Math 500, Composite 1000
  • CLT minimum: 58 (find out more about the Classic Learning Test here)
  • Old SAT minimum: Critical Reading 460, Math 460, Composite 920
  • High school GPA minimum of 2.5 GPA
  • College GPA minimum of 2.5 GPA
  • The applicant must articulate a credible profession of faith in Jesus Christ. A credible profession would agree with the Apostles’ Creed or one of the other historic ecumenical Christian creeds.
  • The applicant must have completed 16 units of coursework in high school (each unit representing one year of satisfactory work). The following program is strongly recommended in preparation for a Providence education:
    • English (college preparatory with grades of C+ or higher in each unit) (3 units)
    • Mathematics (Algebra I & II and Geometry with grades of C+ or higher in each course) (3 units)
    • History/Social Sciences (3 units)
    • Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) (One must be a lab science) (3 units)
    • Foreign Language (with a grade of C or above in the final year) (2 units)
    • Electives (2 units)


“Liberal arts is a conversation through which we obtain wisdom. True wisdom, then, founded in the fear and love of the Lord, engenders a desire for a deeper knowledge and love of one another, teaches us and aids us in forgiving and reconciling with one another and encourages us to explore together the limitless implications of our redeemed existence on this earth.”
Danielle D.
Class of 2015

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind...”
Romans 12:2

Deeper Learning for Greater Wisdom