Tuition Payments and Financial Aid

Financial Aid

If you have not already been awarded a financial aid package, please contact the Financial Aid office to begin the process. You will need to submit the  Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible. Our federal code for the FAFSA is 041539. You will not be placed in college housing until your FAFSA and all other necessary information for financial aid has been submitted to Providence.

If you have received an official financial aid award, please complete the steps below:

  • Return requested forms that were mailed to you with your financial aid package
  • Apply for the Direct Parent PLUS Loan and/or any other alternative loans if needed
  • Complete the VFAO – Virtual Financial Aid Office application if you want to receive federal grants and loans. See Federal Financial Aid section on this website for more information.

Financial Aid questions:
Tina Bos, Financial Aid Advisor, ext. 4038 |

Tuition Billing and Payment Procedures

Your first tuition payment is due by August 1. Your billing statement will arrive in July.

  • If you have not yet paid your $100 enrollment deposit signifying your intent to attend Providence, please go to the Enrollment Deposit payment page.  Your enrollment deposit will be credited to your account on your invoice.
  • Costs and payment procedures 19-20 — This document will explain tuition, fees, billing, and payment.
  • Payment Plan Application — This form must be completed if you desire to pay off your student account balance throughout the semester (four-month plan). If you do NOT apply for the payment plan, it is expected that you will pay for your first semester in full upon receipt of your billing statement or by August 1.

Tuition payment questions:
Dwayne Johansen, Business Office, ext. 4036 |

Student Employment

At Providence Christian College, student employment serves to assist in the educational program of the college by providing financial resources for the students to help pay for college and by training students to be effective and responsible Christian employees.

  • Student Employment positions are for the entire academic year. At the end of the spring semester, job information for the fall of the next school year will be posted. New students will receive information during the summer regarding available positions.
  • Students need to fill out an employment application online. Department supervisors will review applications, interview, and hire qualified candidates prior to summer recess. Some positions will be left available for incoming freshmen/transfer students.
  • Student employees can earn as much as $3,000 per school year.
  • A student employee’s wages may be directly applied to the student’s account balance. When the student’s account balance and the current academic year are paid in full, the student can request the full wages (or any percentage) be paid to him or her.


Student employment during college helps prepare students for full-time employment following graduation; therefore, we expect students to act professionally and responsibly in regards to their student employment assignments. This includes communicating well with their supervisor and fellow employees, dressing appropriately for the assigned position, and working diligently to complete tasks to the best of their ability. If students are not working at an acceptable level, or it is apparent that their primary role as students is being negatively affected due to employment, they may be removed from the student employment program. Each position will have specific job expectations that will be required.

Hiring Process

  • All students who are interested in employment must complete the online student employment application and reapply for student employment each year. Completed applications will be emailed to the supervisor of the department(s) for which you are applying. You may apply up to two different departments, but will be hired for one position only.
  • Employees generally can expect up to eight hours per week.
  • Supervisors will review all applications and interview those who are good candidates for the position. After the interview process, the supervisor chooses the most qualified candidate(s).
  • Students must adhere to the guidelines set forth in the Student Employment Handbook, which will be provided upon hire.

Positions Available


Library Student Assistant
  • Reports to the Library Manager.
  • Operate circulation desk to assist patrons.
  • Check in/check out materials for patrons.
  • Maintain library cleanliness and facilitate a quiet environment for patrons who are studying.
  • Shelve books and periodicals properly.
  • Assist with other Providence Library projects as needed.

Academic Support

Academic Resource Center (ARC) Mentor
  • Reports to the Director of the Academic Resource Center.
  • Serve as student mentors and/or help coordinate mentoring program.
  • Assist in the writing lab by conferencing with student writers, assisting with editing, research, and organizational matters.
  • Organize, promote, and/or administer study sessions.
  • Periodically proctor tests, upon request of the director.
  • Be available for peer tutoring and assistance with study strategies in the ARC.
  • Conduct a survey mid-year among students to discover their needs for and experiences with the ARC.
  • Keep the ARC clean and the refreshment area in good condition.
  • Assist director in providing workshops and guidance for students seeking career guidance
Registrar Student Assistant
  • Reports to the Registrar.
  • Be detail oriented – position requires an eye for detail and accuracy.
  • Work with Microsoft Word and Excel; have familiarity with Publisher.
  • File, organize, and update academic information, often confidential in nature.
  • Assist with academic event planning.
  • Edit and/or creating academic forms/publications.
  • Assist faculty through copying, typing, and possibly grading.
  • Perform other duties as determined by the Registrar.

Admissions Office

Admissions Student Assistant
  • Reports to the VP for Admissions.
  • Make phone calls to prospective students and enter resulting data into Populi.
  • Assist with Visit Day preparations and event planning.
  • Serve as volunteers at area conferences and events sponsored by the college; weekend work may be required.
  • Provide regular social media posts regarding the college and their personal student experiences.
  • Assist the Admissions Counselors as needed.

Athletics Office

Athletics Student Assistant
  • Reports to the Director of Athletics.
  • Assist in the operations and management of games and matches.
  • Create game day graphics and promotional materials.
  • Assist with social media and photo/video stories.
  • Write game recaps and feature stories for website.
  • Implement Champions of Character Program.
  • Weekend and evening work is required.

Business Office

Hospitality / Custodial Worker
  • Reports to the Registrar.
  • Responsible for Witherspoon Hall classrooms, main offices, and lounges.
  • Duties include, but not limited to: dusting, vacuuming, cleaning tables and white boards, polishing, and taking out trash.
  • Must be able to perform duties in the morning prior to class times.
Mail Center Worker / Receptionist

Job Summary & Purpose
Under the direction of the Associate Finance & Operations Analyst/VP for Finance & Operations, this position supports the business office by answering the main college phone line and welcoming guests, operating the mail room, and performing other tasks as required by the business office staff. The position is hourly and is typically no more than eight (8) hours/week and limited to the weeks of the academic semester. Occasionally, hours may be offered to students during the weeks between the academic semesters.

Students who are hired and given the opportunity to serve in this role are expected to uphold the highest of standards as members of the business office and representatives of Providence Christian College. Students are expected to:

  • Be on-time for his or her shift. This is of the utmost importance in order to ensure the student has sufficient time to relieve the person who worked before him or her and to get any information from them on projects, etc. It is recommended that the student arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the start of his or her shift.
  • Always dress appropriately (sloppy or extremely casual attire is unacceptable)
  • Make eye contact with everyone who enters the business office and greet them appropriately, i.e. “Hello, how may I help you”?
  • Be self-starters and always ensure that ongoing project status is communicated to the person working the next shift, so that the work can be completed accurately and timely.
  • Be proactive in seeking additional tasks to support the business office staff when it is slow. Students should not expect to spend their shift doing homework or reading, that should be reserved for rare occasions of significant downtime and with permission.
  • Visiting with friends and using personal cell phones or computers should be kept to a minimum.
  • Every effort should be made to work as scheduled. Changes in shifts, i.e. trading with someone else, should be done only when absolutely necessary and with the approval of supervisor(s).
  • Notification of absences should be made to the supervisor(s) by email or phone call with as much notice as possible. Excessive absences will result in loss of hours and possibly termination.

Areas of Responsibility

  1. Reception Desk
    a. Exhibit a professional and engaging demeanor when answering incoming telephone calls, serving as the “operator” to manage and direct calls.
    b. Serve as the first point of contact for all in-person guests to the business office, serving, assisting, and directing guests as needed.
    c. Update and track the inventory and distribution of facility keys, parking passes, and staff ID cards, as directed by the business office staff.
    d. For employees who work the opening morning or closing afternoon shifts, you will be expected to open and close/lock the 2 doors (south door and main door) providing entrance into the business office. The south door is on the other side of the student work office and the main door is the entrance from the main hallway of Witherspoon Hall.
  2. Mail Room
    a. Sort and distribute mail for staff and students, and other tenants of the Providence Village and Witherspoon Hall.
    b. Deliver mail daily to 2nd floor library mail receptacle as appropriate.
    c. Place postage on outgoing mail and ensure all “return to sender” or “to forward” mail is handled properly.
    d. Manage stamp inventory – sell postage as necessary, alert supervisor when need to replenish stamps or add funds to account.
    e. Receive checks and prepare daily cash receipt logs for the Business Manager, ensuring accuracy and compliance with handling policy.
    f. Assist with preparation of bulk mailings for other departments, as needed.
  3. Other Business Office Tasks
    a. Maintain cleanliness of the reception desk/business offices by dusting, removing trash and clutter.
    b. Other duties as required.

Physical Demands

  • Requires prolonged sitting.
  • Must operate computer and all related office equipment.
  • Requires normal range of speaking, hearing, and eyesight.
  • Must be able to communicate in English.
  • May need to lift files or boxes weighing up to 25 pounds.
Operations Student Assistant

Job Summary & Purpose
Under the direction of the Associate Finance & Operations Analyst (AFOA), this entry-level position supports and assists the AFOA and business office staff by performing basic operational tasks pertinent to the college’s mission in the areas of Accounts Payable and general operations. This position often comes into contact with confidential financial information, so the student must possess a high level of ethical standard. The position is hourly and is typically ten (10) hours/week and limited to the weeks of the academic semester. Occasionally, hours may be offered to the student during the weeks between the academic semesters.

The student who is hired and given the opportunity to serve in this role is expected to uphold the highest of ethical standards and personal conduct as a member of the business office staff of Providence Christian College. The student is expected to:

  • Be on-time for his or her shift. If unable to arrive on time, communication of tardiness or absence with supervisor is crucial.
  • Dress according to the standards of the business office (no casual wear, including shorts or T-shirts; jeans and open-toed shoes generally discouraged unless approved by supervisor).
  • Be a self-starter and always strive to improve on efficiency and optimization of time and resources. Be proactive in seeking additional tasks to support the business office staff when it is slow.
  • Use of cell phones or work computers for personal use are not allowed. Visits from friends during shifts should be kept to a minimum.

Areas of Responsibility

  1. Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable – 70%
    a. The bulk of this position consists of assisting the AFOA with Accounts Payable (bill paying) and the Business Manager with receiving and processing donations and other receivables.
    b. Be trained and proficient in Providence’s invoicing and expensing software, SAP Concur.
    c. Assist with organizing, digitizing, and archiving paper files and records into electronic database of payables and other documents. Carefully handle confidential financial information.
    d. Coordinate business office communications with staff and faculty on AP reporting deadlines.
  2. Other Business Office Tasks – 30%
    a. Maintain cleanliness of the reception desk/business offices by dusting and removing trash and clutter.
    b. Manage Google Calendar for events.
    c. Track office supplies and inventory and assist with purchasing of supplies.
    d. Assist the AFOA with other duties as required.

Physical Demands

  • Requires prolonged sitting and frequent standing and walking up and down stairs.
  • Must operate computer and all related office equipment.
  • Requires normal range of speaking, hearing, and eyesight.
  • Must be able to communicate in English.
  • May need to lift files or boxes weighing up to 25 pounds.

Student  / Resident Life

Student Cadet

Supervised by
Geoff Shaw, Dean of Student Life
Cadets may receive some training through Fuller’s Department of Campus Safety

Hire Period
Spring 2019

4-8 hours per week; normally two-hour shifts scheduled between 8:00 pm and 12:00 am.

The primary objectives for this role are as follows:

  1. Ensure safety for Providence students through visible presence and by providing escorts.
    a. A phone will be provided as emergency contact, and to escort students to and from Providence spaces.
    b. Walk parking areas, sidewalks along apartments, through Providence Village and Providence corridor.
    c. Log activity each night, report any suspicious behavior and policy violations to Student Life.
    d. Cadets will wear a simple uniform and badge to identify themselves, and carry a flashlight.
    e. Cadets will not intercept crime but dissuade it with their presence.
  2. Document unusual activity and report to Student Life
    a. Report loitering, trespassing, encamping or suspicious activity to Post Alarm.
    b. Report emergencies or dangerous activity to the authorities.
    c. Cadets may approach students or strangers on the college’s property to enforce college policies,
    however, cadets are not law-enforcement officials.


  • Must be a student in good standing with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.
  • Must be a student whose conduct is in good standing with the Office of Student Life.
  • Must have availability between the hours of 8:00 pm and 12:00 am most evenings.
  • Must possess a willingness to report all violations of college policies without prejudice or passion.
  • Must demonstrate courage in confronting students who are breaking college policies.
  • Must be able to remain on foot and patrol continuously for a minimum of two hours.
  • Participation in misbehavior or activity prohibited in the Student Handbook is cause for termination.
  • Must be willing to exemplify the code outlined in our Providence Promise.

To apply, submit an email of interest and resume to the Office of Student Life:

Department Assistant
  • Reports to the Dean of Student Life.
  • Input receipts/expense report information.
  • Make copies/collate packets of information pertinent to office operations.
  • Assist with parent/sibling mailings.
  • Update the Student Life website information.
  • Clean Student Life staff offices.

Other positions, including Resident Assistantships and other paid leadership roles, are handled separately through the Student Life Office.


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