Dr. David Corbin

Professor of Politics

Dr. Scott Swanson

Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies

Dr. John Cunningham

Associate Professor of Humanities

Brandon Addison

Preceptor in Business

Danielle Alsky

Preceptor in English

Jan Van Spronsen

Director of Academic Resource Center, Director of Institutional Assessment, Disability Coordinator, Preceptor in Education


Alan Armes

Lecturer in Film and Video Production

Ben Austin

Lecturer in Greek

Nicholas Barrett

Lecturer in English

Dr. Jim Belcher

Lecturer in Politics

Julie Bykerk

Lecturer in English

Bernard Chadwick

Lecturer in Art

Whitney Gamble

Lecturer in Biblical and Theological Studies

Valentin Gonzalez-Bohorquez

Lecturer in Spanish

Dianne Harmel

Lecturer in Music

Walker Haynes

Lecturer in Drama

Flora Krook

Lecturer in English and Literature

Sam Mahtani

Lecturer in Sports Pyschology

Larry McHargue

Lecturer in Biology

Lawrence Mumford

Visiting Lecturer in Music

Paula Orr

Lecturer in English

Dr. Chuck Ryor

Lecturer in Communication Arts

Tim Scheuers

Lecturer in History

Joanna Schiestl

Lecturer in Sociology

Peter Uwarow

Lecturer in English

Keri Whitaker

Lecturer in Health and Physical Fitness

Dan Newkirk

Visiting Lecturer in Natural Science

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“I am extremely thankful for Providence’s mission…it has taught me that no matter what I am studying or thinking on, I am to ask this question, ‘How does it relate to Christ?’”
Johnathan K.
Class of 2015

“God's works of providence are, his most holy, wise, and powerful preserving and governing all his creatures, and all their actions.”
Westminster Shorter Catechism

Deeper Learning for Greater Wisdom