Providence Christian College is pleased to host the Davenant Institute for its first California Regional Convivium Irenicum, “On the Trinity: Retrieving Classical Theism” on September 22-23. The keynote speaker is Dr. Fred Sanders, a Professor of Theology at Biola University and author of several books. He will be speaking on the Holy Spirit and theology of the trinity. You can preorder his upcoming book “The Holy Spirit: An Introduction” at

The Davenant Institute sponsors scholarship, builds networks, and equips the saints with resources needed for renewing Christian wisdom for the Church. Their mission is to retrieve the riches of classical Protestantism to renew and build up the contemporary Church. We are very much looking forward to hosting their upcoming event in September! We hope you will consider registering and participating in the weekend activities.

The schedule for the weekend includes Q&A, presentation of papers, worship and meals. For more information, or to register for the conference please visit their website.