Providence Christian College would like to congratulate the following students for their academic achievements during the Fall 2021 semester.

Academic achievement of full-time students is recognized each semester by publication of a Dean’s List. To qualify for this honor, a student must achieve a semester GPA of 3.5 or better and not earn any grades below a C-.

Liam Argue
Natillie Bos
Rebecca Brach
Andrew Brown
Alyssan Burgess
Michael Carreon
Nicholas Chavez
Telanni Childs
Cassidy Clifford
Jakob Cronkhite
Revin Diego
Mark Eaton
Hannah Fenton
Amme Finton

Joseph Forslund
Valeria Garcia
Ian Grylls
Adria Hosmer
Espen Jacobsen
Elizabeth Jung
Cody Leonard
Denise Litonjua
Izayah Lopez
Cameron Martin
Samuel Meadows
Kyle Melvin
Sidney Mestre
Matthew Miranda
Amelia Mitchell

David Moelker
Benjamin Moelker
Alyssa Molen
Brennan Morales
Alyisa Nelson
Leland Oliver
Savannah Page
Sage Puente
Kaitlyn Robinson
Bailey Rogers
Faith Ryan
Tyler Stauffer
Thomas Stemberger
Celeste Vargas