By Christine Eaton, Class of 2021

Photos by Megan Joy Stewart, Class of 2019

A great perk of attending Providence Christian College is its location. Tucked in a quaint neighborhood in Pasadena, I tend to find the campus peaceful, and a great place to both study and spend time with friends. From walking distance to a ten-minute drive, one can find an abundance of bookstores, antique shops, coffee shops, and places to eat which I find perfect for exploration and study.

On a recent adventure, three of my friends and I took the metro down one afternoon to Union Station into the City of Stars, Los Angeles. There are so many places to explore in LA, from The Last Bookstore, The Griffith Observatory, and the Walt Disney Concert Hall. One cannot help but feel small among buildings that almost touch the sky with their intricate and aesthetically pleasing architecture. Between the buildings, among the bricks and cars and people is a rich history of this city. Los Angeles is now a place where I plan on grabbing a small group of people and exploring when I can spend away from my studies.

The first time I explored LA and a few other areas around Providence was because of Providence’s Avodah program. The Avodah program is one of my personal favorite parts of attending Providence. It is an opportunity to explore areas nearby, learn history, and engage with the community. Between exploring on one’s own and Avodah’s, Pasadena, California provides a great location for Providence where students are able to both explore and learn in this iconic city.