by Christine Eaton, Class of 2021

Providence Christian College is not just a liberal arts college; it is a Christian college with a strong community where students can learn, grow, and flourish. As a freshman, there are three things that I have noticed and love about the campus community.

  1. You’re able to know everyone on campus.

Every student you see walking down the hall or in the classroom is a familiar face. This provides great opportunities to create deep and lasting friendships. College is an accumulation of scary, new, exciting, and challenging, however, having others alongside you who are in the same boat as you, supporting you, and encouraging you is a blessing. Hannah Shenk, a freshman, has this to say about the campus at Providence.

“There is a sense that people here really want to learn and grow in themselves and with others through interactions with their peers. I have already formed close relationships with multiple people on campus. There is always something happening on campus, and knowing everyone allows me to stay more connected and deepen those relationships.”

  1. You are able to know your professors on a personal level.

 At Providence, the professors care about you. They want you to stop in their office for a quick chat, and they want to succeed in your classes. They will work with you and help you wherever you need it. I have found myself a couple of times sitting at lunch and then being joined by a professor which always makes for great conversation. Also, professors are always willing to take students to church, and in some instances, your professor might also be your pastor.  Sophomore Zoé Vernier explains her favorite part about having relationships with her professors.

“Having professors that are accessible really motivated me to do well. We can ask them questions face to face during office hours or email them whenever we want. They are very open to talking to us. They truly want us to succeed and since we do get to know each other, they are personally connected in our lives.

Many of the Providence faculty and staff live within walking distance to the campus which provides great opportunities such as being invited over to President Belcher’s house to go swimming or even walking Dr. Cunningham’s Golden Retriever, Bono.

  1. Everyone cares.

Because college life presents many challenges, it is refreshing to be surrounded by those you know and trust. One cannot come to Providence without being cared for and loved. Faulty members wanted to make sure you are doing alright, friends are there to share fun memories but are also there to sit with you if you are missing home. The community of Providence is there for each other. Everyone is valued and loved. Sophomore Danielle Stafford states,

“I never expected that in coming to college I would find a second home and family. As cliché and cheesy as that sounds, it is the truth. Providence has a unique and inviting community that has a way of drawing you in, and it makes it hard to love anywhere more.”

I invite you to find out more about this unique and awesome community where you could have a life-changing college education. If you come to campus on our next Visit Day in November, I look forward to meeting you!

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