At Providence Christian College, academic excellence is characterized by effective teaching provided by skilled and educated faculty. That teaching is directed toward all three domains of learning: the head, the heart, and the hands.

Twenty years ago, academic rigor was synonymous with difficult, challenging, and inscrutable learning. Our faculty strive to base their method and practice of teaching on how student success/learning actually happens, focusing less on difficulty for difficulty sake and, instead, focusing on:

  • Presenting learning with clarity in a classroom atmosphere of mutual respect
  • Challenging students with complex, real-life scenarios
  • Encouraging students to think and feel deeply
  • Ensuring that students, as lifelong learners, understand that what they learn will be lived out beyond the classroom and graduation
  • Providing interactive learning in which the student is involved in the research process

Since its founding, Providence has intentionally invested in its mission to provide students with deeper learning for greater wisdom. We continue to initiate new programs to ensure that mission will continue. To cultivate academic excellence, we have implemented the following:

  1. Developing an honor standard for our students that promotes academic integrity by teaching what honor and integrity look like
  2. Empowering professors to teach in all three domains of learning: Cognitive, Affective, and Psychomotor
  3. Providing ongoing faculty professional development in teaching methods and in standards of practice on a monthly and per semester basis
  4. Staffing an Academic Resource Center that aids students with scheduling and organizing, academic tutoring, and writing assistance
  5. Hiring a student support coordinator who provides students with academic and career support. In addition, for Fall 2017, we have received budget approval for a Writing Center and Writing Coordinator
  6. Developing (in process) a Career and Calling center to assist students to understand and steward their God-given talents, time, and resources
  7. Strengthening our core requirements, expanding the concentrations offered, and assessing student outcomes

Providence continues in its commitment to support its student body both academically and spiritually. We do this through offering an expanding chapel program, instilling a love for learning, and teaching critical thinking skills. By possessing a knowledge of God’s Word and how it impacts all areas of life, students are then better equipped to engage in the community.