Earth Science

photo by Julia Lodder

Providence students have had the opportunity to go on the Earth Science trip since the beginning of the college. This excursion provides students the rare opportunity of traveling throughout much of the state of California taking in some of the greatest natural beauty known to humankind. Led by Dr. Larry McHargue, students see a variety of landforms such as volcanoes, mountain ranges, lakes, and earthquake fault lines, which directly correlates to the content of the Earth Science course. The group stays overnight in Bishop, CA for three nights taking day trips to see these natural phenomena.

Students in the past have expressed the profound effect of God’s creation in their lives. Earth Science affirms the creational order of God’s world. In 2014, Sarah Grimes Lewis talked about “seeing the earth’s grand cycles in action, clambering through magnificent geological structures and physically interacting with the creation we were learning about.”

Earth Sci

Videographer Johnathan Kruis, photo by Julia Lodder

She went on to say, “Colossians 1:17 tell us that Christ “is before all things and in all things hold together. Before this class, I often thought of the earth as a static thing–that God created the world way back when, and occasionally we see his power in a natural disaster…I was struck that Christ, alive in me, is physically holding the world together, sovereign over every tiny movement of the earth’s crust, every rainfall, and every melting glacier.”

God’s will is being executed through this massive, incomprehensible way! Providence alum Johnathan Kruis created this video that captures just a few highlights of this amazing trip.