One of the things that draw tourists to Southern California each year are the numerous game shows taped in front of a live studio audience in Los Angeles, but those who live in LA also have a great chance of winning, like Providence music professor Christina Bristow. Professor Bristow, who sings soprano in the LA Opera and the Los Angeles Master Chorale, decided to play up her opera side in order to get a spot on the show, so she dressed as Brünnhilde–the epitome of a stereotypical operatic character.

Her costume worked, and she was chosen from the audience of the television gameshow “Let’s Make A Deal” with host Wayne Brady, to take the stage to try and win not just a small prize, but a brand new car. After Brady brought her on stage to play the game Accelerator, he also asked her to hold a note while the ball was spinning, which she did with ease. Bristow then bravely passed up $1900 in cash to take one more spin and go for the car. With only a 33% chance to win (as calculated by the Providence statistics class taught by Christina’s father, professor John Milton), Bristow won the car and ran onstage excitedly to claim her bright red 2015 Chevy Camaro. Her win marks the second successful game show appearance in her family, as her brother Steve Milton was a winner on Jeopardy in 2010.

This is not the first time in Providence history that a car has been won on a TV game show. In 2008, Providence student Jesse Van Duyn won a Chevy Impala on “The Price Is Right” and sold the car to then Providence employee Justin Bleeker. Van Duyn then used the proceeds from the sale of the car to continue in his Providence education and later graduated from Providence.

The Providence You Tube channel has the video, check out the big win here:
“Let’s Make A Deal” featuring Christina Bristow