Since moving to Pasadena in the summer of 2010, William Carey International University, campus owner and proprietor, has made several big improvements to campus. Most recently, the operations and property services offices have tended to the grounds and taken on big projects this summer to get the campus ready for the fall semester.

First, going back one year to the start of the 2011-2012 school year, Providence’s dorm rooms were refurbished with new bathrooms and lounges. Students enjoyed renovated two-person rooms, a dorm configuration that fostered community. Prior to Providence’s move into its main offices on the first floor of Speer Hall in August 2010, WCIU renovated the central office and faculty space. In addition, WCIU installed central air conditioning in Latourette Library. Second, the landscaping crew has improved the grounds, thanks to the hiring of extra hands toward the beginning of 2012. The lawns near the center and front of campus are edged, more flowers planted, and the trees trimmed.



Third, they’ve undertaken a major regrading and construction of a new parking lot in the southwestern corner of campus. Phase one of the project is finished with a newly paved parking lot by Aylward House, while construction of a new parking lot by Speer Hall should be completed by the middle of August. This year’s projects are part of WCIU’s master plan to renovate other portions of the campus which tentatively includes improvements to Latourette Library  and Pierce Hall, the dining hall.


Finally, they are renovating and adding new classrooms in McGavran Hall, our academic building. We are looking forward to expanded classroom space.



Below are more pictures of this summer’s progress on campus.