What’s not to love about going to college in a beautiful and historic town like Pasadena? Junior student Shelli Cammenga takes a look at the great things in Pasadena that Providence students love to do.

Any visitor to Providence will likely hear the phrase “lots of opportunities,”  but the places that students have the opportunity to frequent are often not mentioned specifically. Pasadena is a city brimming with life for any adventure seeker in the population, no matter the age or size of pocketbook.

For students with a small budget who just want a chance to get off campus, catch up with friends or study, they need look no further than a few blocks away. For under five dollars and a short walk, they could be sharing sixty cent doughnuts, eating chocolate pyramids at an Armenian Bakery, or cooling down with an ice cream cone. For the student who is willing to travel just a bit further, there is much studying to be done at the immensely popular Jameson Brown Coffee roasters, complete with a roaring fire on rainy days. A short hop on the metro will bring students to another coffee shop, Busters on the Tracks, which offers hot drinks, ice cream and a unique studying environment near the rails on Mission Station. The same Metro stop houses a used book store, antique shop, one of a kind cereal and grilled cheese bar, and on some days, a fresh farmers market. Back in Pasadena, some students have developed a taste for Roscoe’s, a unique Pasadena dining experience combining chicken and waffles.

For those seeking adventure out on the Town, there is always Colorado Boulevard, with its fine shopping and excellent eateries.  Among the miles of promising stores, there are several that students most frequent. The Cheesecake Factory is a favorite destination for birthdays and celebrations, and Yardhouse Grill is the place to go to watch sports of any kind, especially Canadian Hockey! On hot days, 21 Choices is popular, where students can mix frozen yogurt flavors with a wide variety of toppings. Shoppers who are not hungry should stop by Crossroads, a clothing trading store with a unique selection of fashions.

In Pasadena, entertainment comes in more forms than just shopping and eating. Colorado Boulevard also houses a three dollar theater for student moviegoers on a budget. For those seeking more intellectual opportunities, Pasadena also houses many museums like the famous Norton Simon, which includes works from well known artists like Degas, Warhol and Monet, and is free with a student ID! Another worthwhile stop for artists is the Huntington Library and botanical gardens, a great place to study, to learn, and possibly get into free if you speak to the right professor! Further away from the city center, students may find it relaxing to spend time hiking in the mountains just up Lake Avenue, where they command an excellent view of the city and can enjoy some fresh air. Up the same road is a park, which sometimes provides free concerts of varying genres for the city of Pasadena, this year including jazz and a Beach Boys tribute band.

Pasadena is a city brimming with delights, and it does not stop there. For every study break, there are a variety of destinations just waiting to be explored.