Providence Christian College


About Providence

The mission of Providence Christian College as a Reformed Christian institution is to equip students to be firmly grounded in biblical truth, thoroughly educated in the liberal arts, and fully engaged in their church, their community, and the world for the glory of God and for service to humanity.

Facts At a Glance

History: Providence Christian College was founded in 2002.

Enrollment: Over 150 students from many states and three foreign countries.

Location: Pasadena, California—just 15 miles northeast of Los Angeles, a metropolitan area that provides students with an array of educational and cultural opportunities.

Denomination: Multi-denominational, with more than 12 denominations represented in the student body.

Cost: The 2012-2013 annual costs for traditional students, taking 12-17 credit hours per semester, and living on campus is approximately $30,000.

Financial Aid: 100% of Providence students receive some form of financial aid. The average financial aid package last year was $15,000.

Freshman Profile:Average high school GPA of 3.6; Average ACT score of 23; Average SAT score of 1130 on verbal and math sections.

Programs: Providence offers a strong liberal arts education through a liberal studies major and nine concentrations.

Faculty: Four full-time faculty; twelve adjunct professors. The average class size is seven students. The student to faculty ratio is roughly 6 to 1.

Educational Philosophy: Providence views the college experience holistically, seeking to educate mind, body, and soul in unity. A strong liberal arts education forms the basis of the college’s approach. Each course is taught from a Reformed, biblical perspective, emphasizing critical thinking, analytical skills, effective communication, and research abilities that prepare graduates to succeed vocationally as well as to serve as leaders in their churches, families, and the broader community.

The Providence Perspective


At Providence, we believe that an institution is most successful if its vision is stated clearly and integrated consciously into every aspect of community life. The principles that guide Providence are adherence to the teachings of scripture, Christ-centeredness in both doctrine and practice, and faithful service in extending the Kingdom of God into every area of life. These principles are woven throughout the Providence experience, from syllabus to school mission statement.

A RIGOROUS ACADEMIC PROGRAM grounded in the liberal arts.

In the general education curriculum and in each major program at Providence, you will find dedicated faculty who teach within a framework of critical thought, practical experience, and high academic expectations. Our seminar-style classroom environment and quality instruction promotes life learning skills and the versatility of a liberal arts foundation which produces graduates who are prepared for a variety of vocations, ministries, and whatever opportunities the future may bring.

With opportunities for CULTURAL INTERACTION as we explore and engage the world.

Located in Southern California, Providence offers access to real-world opportunities, and these experiences are also a part of the curriculum. From Avodah experiences, May terms, cross-cultural expeditions, and internships to church and organization involvement throughout your college years, your education at Providence will prepare you for life in the 21st century.

In a close-knit LEARNING COMMUNITY of believers

From movie nights to late night study sessions, Providence students are part of a learning community that educates the whole person and prepares them for service. Close relationships with each other and faculty and staff foster a vibrant residence life that is focused on academics, learning opportunities, and discussions ranging from the personal to the theological. All students are valued for their diverse roles on campus as they join with others for both reflection and recreation.

Through financial aid that provides EXCEPTIONAL VALUE for college education.

Based on a covenantal approach to education, the financial aid program is funded through the support of generous donors. 100% of students receive financial assistance that allows them to practice stewardship of educational funds as the college partners with them to finance their education. Providence provides academic scholarships, Christian leadership scholarships, grants, loans, and student employment to students. The college is committed to an affordable Christian education.