Health Science Concentration

Made possible by a grant from the Marilyn De Groot Charitable Trust

Providence Christian’s  Health and Life Science Concentration exists to prepare students interested in the fields of Physical or Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Pre-Med programs, Athletic Training,  Exercise Science, and Nutrition. The Health and Life Science Concentration challenges students to think biblically and ethically as they strive to improve the health of society by practicing biblical stewardship and compassion in their studies and workplace. Our Reformed perspective enlightens the areas of challenge related to medicine, health care, human performance, and sport. HLS serves to answer the Creator’s call to care and advocate for the diversity, organization, and functioning of the living world and provide a Christian model for its study, care, and keeping. It is our mission to prepare the next generation of professionals for careers in patient care, wellness, fitness, and more. As we reflect on imago dei, we commit wholeheartedly to the care and advocacy for each life and their well-being.


Students will be exposed to many pre-requisite courses that will help determine the distinct path within Health and Life Sciences they wish to pursue. The 8 core courses form a strong foundation and will prepare HLS students for whichever post-graduate program they enter. The electives offered delve into more specific areas of emphasis while still aiming to prepare all HLS students for their desired graduate programs. Gaining experience in a variety of areas of the discipline, including anatomy and physiology of the human body, chemistry, biology, physics, kinesiology, exercise physiology, and nutrition, enable students to pursue a vocation with a broad spectrum of knowledge. HLS also delves into the behavioral sciences, including human development, social psychology, sociology, cognition, learning, and personality, ensuring students are trained from a holistic perspective. HLS advisors work closely with HLS students to ensure they are taking the courses needed for their respective post-grad programs, and help pursue additional courses elsewhere when needed.

Mission Statement

The Health Science concentration exists to empower students to provide ethical and compassionate service to the local and global community by providing rigorous HLS coursework with a foundation of liberal studies to prepare students for the various Health Science related post-graduate programs they pursue.

Program Outcomes (Highlights)

After active participation and completion of this program, students will be able to:

  1. Express and demonstrate a theoretical and practical understanding of the diverse and rapidly changing health and life science environments in local and global contexts.
  2. Demonstrate the quantitative and qualitative skills necessary to assess, plan, direct, create, organize, and coordinate activities and research required in health or life science settings.
  3. Utilize knowledge about regulations, legal, cultural, and ethical issues to make informed decisions and provide directives that promote maximum health initiatives for the individual, family, and society.
  4. Embody and promote dignity and respect for the individual by demonstrating culturally competent care to individuals from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds.
  5. Enhance the student’s understanding of the political, social, legal and ethical issues that may be encountered and have an impact on areas of health care practice.
  6. Refine his/her life experience, leadership, moral and ethical decision-making, innovation and entrepreneurship in health care knowledge through academic inquiry while using current, practical health and life science models.
  7. Be educationally positioned to take a leadership role in a health or life science environment and to continue their studies toward a graduate degree, if he/she chooses.
  8. Integrate a Reformed perspective through bringing redemption and reconciliation for all who need to experience healing, health, in their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual lives.

Health Science Concentration Offerings for Particular Areas of Study

Interested in the following Health and Life Science fields? Curious of how you might be prepared to apply to the following post-graduate programs?
Physical or Occupational Therapy
Pre-Med programs
Athletic Training
Exercise Science
Each program you apply for will have various prerequisites that we do our best to offer/prepare you for. However, it is possible you may have to take a course or two outside of Providence to be eligible to apply for the programs you are hoping to enter.
Questions? Email regarding how you may accomplish your academic pursuits at Providence in the Health and Life Science concentration.

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