Required Forms for New Students

All students must provide a copy of the following forms and documents to the Student Life Office before orientation. Paper forms and documents may be sent to the address below or scanned and emailed to Due to privacy requirements, we are not able to have you submit these as online forms at this time. Please gather all completed forms first and then send or scan them as a group.

Providence Christian College
Attn: Student Life Department
re: New Student documents
1539 E Howard Street
Pasadena, CA 91104

  • Immunization Record Form Exemptions to this requirements are allowed for medical reasons or personal beliefs. (See the Immunization Waiver Form below. Please read this document for the list of required vaccinations to attend Providence— OR — Immunization Waiver Form — (Optional) Complete this form ONLY if you choose not to comply with the immunization requirements of Providence Christian College.
  • Medical Insurance Coverage All full-time students are required to carry personal medical insurance coverage and must submit a copy of his/her insurance card to the department of Student Life. Documentation of insurance coverage must be received before the first day of classes.
  • Medical History and Health Form
  • Minor Medical Release Form — (Required ONLY if you will not be 18 years old before the semester begins).
  • Please read the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Notification and then fill out the release form and return —FERPA Release Form

Additional required documents for submission (which may be submitted by the student, school(s), or testing agencies):

For high school students
     -Final official high school transcripts
-Final official SAT or ACT score
For transfers 
-Final, official transcripts from all colleges attended

  • If you have participated in any AP, CLEP, or IB courses during high school, be sure to send a copy of the official scores to Providence to verify your successful completion of the course and gain transfer credit.
  • Have your final official transcripts sent as soon as possible after your high school graduation or course completion of college credit. Contact your high school/college counselor to request an official transcript.

Additional new student information:

  • Laptop Requirements With the technological advances of our day, Providence requires that all students bring their own personal laptop computer with the minimum specifications found in this document.
  • Packing for College List — A list of suggestions of what you need to bring
  • Student Handbook — The Student Handbook explains the mission and policies of the office of student life at Providence Christian College. It serves to guide students into a living/learning community. Any questions should be directed to the Dean of Students or the Director of Resident Life.
  • Airport Ride Request Form —Complete this form if you need a ride from the airport to campus when you arrive for New Student Orientation.
  • Student-Athletes must register with the NAIA and submit proper documentation for athletic eligibility before the start of orientation. To begin this process, go to

The staff at Providence is here to help you, so please do not hesitate to call toll free at 866.323.0233 or email if you have questions.

Admissions and student life forms questions:

Chris Stutzman, Admissions Counselor, ext 4007 |

Financial Aid questions:

Tina Bos, Financial Aid Advisor, ext. 4038 |

Tuition payment questions:

Dwayne Johansen, Business Office, ext. 4036 |

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