New Student Email Accounts and Class Registration

Setting up your Populi account to access email, billing, and class registration:

Much of the information you need for college is accessed through your Populi account. Once we have received confirmation of your enrollment, your account can be set up. You will receive an email with login information from This email will be sent to the email address that you provided on your application. Please don’t delete this email and be sure to follow the directions to set up your Populi account. Populi is the student information system you will use during your time at Providence. It is the only way for you to access your billing statements and class schedule, so we recommend that you access Populi and your Providence email on a regular basis.

The login page for Providence Populi users is:

How to access your Providence email:

Once you set up your Populi account and log in through Populi, there is a tab at the top left of the landing page for Populi that says “Email.” Simply click on this tab and it will bring you to your Providence email account.

Class Registration, Academic Calendars, Class Schedule, and Book Ordering

  • For Fall 2019, class registration information will be available after June 30. Please check this page and your Populi account after that date, or you will be contacted by the Registrar’s Office. For incoming freshman students, most classes will be assigned to you with the option of choosing an elective and class times. For transfer students, the registrar’s office will work with you individually after a transcript evaluation of credits is completed.
    • Elijah Villafana, Assistant Registrar–626.696.4006 and
    • Patty Tsai, Registrar–626.696.4029 and
  • 2019-23 Academic Calendar
  • If you have participated in any AP, CLEP, or IB courses during high school, be sure to send a copy of the official scores to Providence to verify your successful completion of the course and gain transfer credit.
  • If you have not done so already, please have your final official transcripts sent as soon as possible after your high school graduation or course completion of college credit. Contact your high school/college counselor to request an official transcript.

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