The Writing Center and Academic Resource Center

The Writing Center

The Writing Center offers academic support specifically for student writing and research of all levels. Students can book individual or group appointments with staff in the Writing Center, where staff can assist students with:
  • navigating library resources
  • utilizing research in collegiate academic papers
  • drafting thesis statements
  • outlinig research papers
  • paper review feedback
  • creating presentations
  • practicing delivering presentations
The Writing Center also collaborates very directly with the Academic Resource Center (ARC) in offering career services resources, such as opportunities for resume reviews, and cover letter feedback, and interview preparation, as well as working to connect students to staff and faculty in order to offer them the best resources they can get for their needs.

Academic Resource Center

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) offers academic support services. Student employees encourage their peers to grow as scholars, providing assistance such as writing service (paper reviewing and editing), class discussion groups, study sessions, and mentorships.

Other aspects of the ARC include:

  • Maintaining a peaceful environment where students can study.
  • Collaborating with the Film Club to host screenings and discussions.
  • Connecting students with staff and faculty.
  • Providing career services, including a job board, resume and cover letter workshops, and practice interview sessions.


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