Providence Cycling Club

The Location

Providence is located in Southern California, where there is a lot happening in the world of cycling, both competitively and non-competitively. Racing within the Western Collegiate Cycling Conference, we ride with cyclists from about 30 different schools. In the fall, the regular mountain season has approximately 4-7 events (each of which includes some or all mountain disciplines). In the spring, the regular road bike season has approximately 7-11 events (each of which includes some or all road disciplines).

The location of Providence means easy access to numerous bike routes, bike trails, and beautiful southern California roads for training—whether it’s pace line training on the 70 mile San Gabriel river bike trail, mountain training in the nearby Angeles National Forest, or practicing criterion racing around the Rose Bowl. Our location near the foothills means dozens of nearby mountain bike trails.

There are also numerous opportunities to ride and train with local community cycling clubs. Several times a week there are group rides of varying lengths and intensity setting out from or passing through Pasadena. Also there are organized special long rides. It’s also possible as a collegiate cyclist to participate in US Cycling races. And don’t forget about the opportunity to watch the Tour of California live, and perhaps even ride a leg of their course yourself.

The Team

Cycling is a new addition to Providence’s athletic program. You can join at the beginning of something special, to set the character of the team, to start traditions, and of course set all the records. Collegiate cycling is growing fast, and very few Christian colleges are developing teams. Providence hopes to boast the premier reformed Christian college cycling team. Men and women can compete on both the mountain and the road teams. One of the great parts of collegiate cycling is that each cyclist has an individual ranking, so that you only compete against others of the same rank; this means people of all skill levels are welcome and given the opportunity to develop as cyclists. The Providence cycling team, though, is not just about developing your cycling skills, we aim in conjunction with your academic studies to develop you as a whole person; cycling is not just for your physical body but is also an opportunity for you to develop your faith and display it to your teammates, competitors, and community members.

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“For my Avodah first semester, we went to Skid Row in LA and that just really resonated with me in terms of what I am getting at Providence in interdisciplinary education.”
Colin B.
Class of 2017

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