Student Activities

Campus life is certainly a highlight of many people’s college experience—and Providence is no exception. The Student Life department works with Student Senate, the Campus Activities Board (CAB) and various student clubs to provide an exciting, diverse and holistic experience.

Student Senate

Student Senate consists of elected members of the student body who address the needs of the student body, act as a channel of communication between students, faculty and administration, and support the mission of Providence Christian College.

Campus Activities Board

Campus Activities Board consists of student leaders who plan and host exciting events that build campus community, unity and support for the overall mission of the college.

Annual campus events include:

  • Reformation Block Party
  • Piet Hein Film Contest
  • Christmas Celebration
  • The Beggar Talent Show
  • Spring Formal
  • Tailgating at Athletic Events

Enjoy this student produced clip highlighting a few of our campus activities:

Student Clubs

Campus clubs foster fellowship and growth among students with common interests. While they receive oversight from Student Senate, and require a faculty advisor, they are generated and led by students. Providence students are encouraged to join an existing club or start a new club if they have a unique passion or idea for service.

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