Providence would like to congratulate the following students for their academic achievements! Students named to the Providence Christian College dean’s list must be enrolled full-time and maintain a GPA of 3.50 or higher for the semester.

Spring 2016 Dean’s List

• Heather Bailey
• Andrew Bekkering
• Carissa Berger
• Sarah Bergquist
• Dane Beveridge
• Haakon Box
• Micaela Brown
• Tyler Bulthuis
• Rebecca Call
• Tweetie Campbell
• Nicole Dotinga
• Ruth Fleeman
• Elizabeth Groenewold
• Renee Haveman
• Amanda Heck
• Kyle Huckins
• Amelia Jennings
• Melissa Kruis
• Camaren Leibitzke
• Stephen Lewis
• Julia Lodder
• Raina Louwerse
• Presence Massie
• Hannah Mersch
• Christopher Nagel
• April Otto
• Lauren Otto
• Olufemi Oyerinde
• Amanda Schelbauer
• Madeleine Silva
• Billie Snieder
• Tina Snieder
• Charles Southard
• Aaron Stamper
• Carrie Thibault
• Sophia Van Zonneveld
• Sterling Vander Ploeg
• Josiah Vanderveen
• Timothy Veltkamp
• Collin Vis
• Madison Vujnov
• Cody Walter
• Dean Whitcher
• Craig Whitt
• Jolene Ybema
• Steven Zermeño

Scholarship Information for Prospective Students

Providence Christian College currently offers seven different types of scholarships for incoming students. Providence is committed to providing scholarships for students through private funding. These funds are made available by supporters of the college, people who believe in the importance of a distinctly Reformed Christian education within the context of a thriving campus community of academic excellence.

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