How 36 Hours In Pasadena Could Become Four Incredible Years

Rose ParadeAll eyes are on Pasadena at the beginning of each new year, with the Rose Parade and the Rose Bowl taking center stage on national television. Just two miles from the parade route and the Rose Bowl stadium lies the quiet and idyllic Providence campus, with historic buildings tucked away in a residential, walkable neighborhood in the foothills of the San Gabriel mountains. There are many reasons to love Pasadena, from its perfect Mediterranean climate to its safe and beautiful neighborhoods to the variety of shops and restaurants lining Colorado Boulevard.

PasadenaThe New York Times recently wrote about Pasadena and recommended the best of what the city has to offer in the article “36 Hours In Pasadena“. The article opens by painting a picture of the city in this way. “The second oldest city in notoriously youthful Los Angeles County — after Los Angeles itself — Pasadena has aged admirably. With its deciduous tree-draped streets, it has often been a Hollywood stand-in for the American Everytown. Known for neighborhoods of historic grandeur and institutions of repute, its cultural and scientific heavyweights — the Norton Simon Museum, the Gamble House and the nearby Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens among them — are why most people visit. But Pasadena and the surrounding towns like South Pasadena and Altadena also have a delicious Mediterranean climate, enchanting architecture and plenty of charming Americana, including A-frame motels and the original concrete mile markers along what was once Route 66.”.

Does that sound good to you? Providence students think so too, and the opportunity to study here for four years is appealing to more and more students who are finding out about Providence. The article names the best places in town to visit, but our students would include such things as hiking up Eaton Canyon. spending time studying at the Jameson Brown coffee shop, finding a $10 designer dress at Crossroads Trading Company and late-night froyo runs to 21 Choices.

12558508_198777000473068_1612220019_nYou can experience Pasadena on our next Campus Visit Day on March 11. Sign up to visit Providence and see all that our college and our city have to offer! Maybe your 36 hours in Pasadena will turn into 4 incredible years and a college degree from Providence!