Providence Honors Program

We are delighted that you are interested in applying to the Honors Program at Providence Christian College, an intellectually stimulating community of conversation and support for academically gifted students. As a current student at Providence with exceptional academic qualifications and promise, you are invited to participate in the inaugural year of the program.

Eligibility for the Honors Program is determined by:

(a) an overall Providence GPA of 3.5 or higher;
(b) completion of the written application below; and

(c) a grade of A- or higher in ENG 101 and LBS 101 (new students in the Honors Program will take special honors sections of ENG 101 and LBS 101; current students admitted into the program will have these requirements waived).

Evaluation of applicants will be holistic, so students who do not meet all of these qualifications but have a strong interest in the program are still encouraged to apply.

The priority deadline for applications is April 22.