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Shelli Cammenga, Class of 2013

shellie-cammengaProvidence graduate Shelli Cammenga, class of 2013, carries out the mission statement of Providence in her everyday life. We exist to equip students to be “fully engaged in their church, their community, and the world for the glory of God and for service to humanity”.

After graduation, Shelli returned to her native Michigan to teach English to seventh through 12-graders at the Reformed Heritage Christian School. Shelli spent her days teaching and her nights grading papers. “I needed something to get the focus off just myself and my work and volunteering was not only a way to interact with people outside my bubble but also give back to the community.”

At the age of 23, Shelli has dedicated more than 60 hours of her time to volunteer at the Heritage Community of Kalamazoo, a nonprofit senior housing provider with more than 400 residents in seven senior housing communities.

For all of her work and dedication, Shelli was awarded the 2015 STAR (Sharing Time and Resources) Award in the Young Adult Volunteer category.

Learn more about Shelli’s accomplishments here.

Shelli has just accepted a job offer as an English teacher with Calvin Christian School in Escondido beginning in the fall.

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“I am extremely thankful for Providence’s mission…it has taught me that no matter what I am studying or thinking on, I am to ask this question, ‘How does it relate to Christ?’”
Johnathan K.
Class of 2015

“Christianity is the greatest intellectual system the mind of man has ever touched.”
Francis Schaeffer

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