Corporate Membership at Providence

Corporate Members perform a vital role in governance, institutional fidelity, and the overall success of Providence Christian College.

Although Corporate Membership does not demand a significant commitment of time, or resources, it does empower members to be informed, engaged and participate in the life of the College.

The growth of the Corporate Membership is a central pillar for a robust and thriving Reformed Christian liberal arts education on the West Coast.

Benefits and Expectations of Corporate Members

  • Participation in governance with voting privileges for annual board of trustee elections.
  • Participation in guarding the fidelity of Providence as a confessionally Reformed institution.
  • Invitation to special general meeting of members and voting rights in certain matters of governance, as outlined in the bylaws of the College.
  • Special communication from the Board, President and senior administration.
  • The Providence newsletter, email updates and annual report.
  • Invitations to special events & occasional token keepsakes from the College.

For more information, please fill out the form on this page and a representative from our Development department will be happy to contact you and provide you with additional details. Please indicate if there is a particular time that is more convenient for your schedule.

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“My classes and professors really helped me develop a Christian perspective on teaching, something that transcends differences in cultures of classrooms and has given me a framework to try to adapt my teaching to Honduran students.”
Emily D.
Alumna - Class of 2014

“If I had children...I would have them study not only languages and history, but also singing and music together with the whole of mathematics...”
Martin Luther

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