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barnabas-foundation-logoAre you looking for help in planning for your family’s future? We partner with Barnabas Foundation to provide planning services tailored to each family situation at no cost. The Barnabas Foundation is a Christian nonprofit that provides Planned Giving services to its nearly 200 Christian member organizations and their constituents. View this video to see how Barnabas Foundation works with Christians like you.


Barnabas Foundation Services

  • In confidential meetings, their professionally trained staff review your personal situation with you and provide Estate Planning guidance with a distinctly Christian perspective. They cover everything from the need for a basic Will to more advanced strategies such as Charitable Trusts and Life Income Agreements.
  • They offer a donor-advised fund called the Stewards Fund. This fund allows a donor to make a single gift and receive the income tax deduction immediately, but defer the contributions to ministries to a later (even indefinite) date. This fund is often used to make a single gift of appreciated assets such as stock, real estate and business interests that will benefit multiple ministries. It helps Christians give “the right asset at the right time” to obtain the maximum tax advantage.
  • They act as Trustee of Charitable Remainder Trusts.
  • They issue and manage Charitable Gift Annuities that provide the donor with guaranteed fixed payments for life, as well as possible tax advantages. Upon death of the donor, designated ministries receive the balance of the annuity.
  • While the Barnabas Foundation meetings help individuals and families with the Planned Giving portion of their estate planning, these services do not replace the need for an attorney.

Barnabas Foundation Meetings

  • There is no pressure to take any action.
  • The visit is confidential unless you choose to share information with a ministry.
  • Barnabas Foundation representatives are “neutral” as they do not promote charitable giving to any individual Christian ministry.
  • They do not sell or encourage any particular financial or investment products.

Still have questions? Please contact Michael Kiledjian, Vice President for Advancement at 626-696-4058 or the Barnabas Foundation directly at 888-448-3040.

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