Career Board

Faculty Assistant

Posted: 10 November, 2019

Reports to

Supervisor of Facilities


Mission Statement

San Gabriel Community Church exists to make known the glory of God to all peoples through the gospel of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit.


Position Goal

To contribute as assigned to the care of SGCC & CS facilities in a manner consistent with the Mission Statement.


Team Commitment

  1. To meet with the Supervisor of Facilities for reporting, direction and accountability.
  2. To pursue the growth and development of personal and professional relationships with staff members through informal interaction during work hours.
  3. To willingly participate in the regular evaluation process deemed appropriate by the Supervisor of Facilities for personal and professional development.


  1. To pursue personal maturity and godliness as outlined in Scripture.
  2. To foster and maintain a work environment that honors Jesus Christ and encourages staff, members and guests.
  3. To be physically able to fulfill the requirements of this position.
  4. To be responsible for one’s own personal safety and the safety of others at all times (This includes but is not limited to the storage and securing of chemicals).
  5. To be responsible for the security of the campus (This includes but is not limited to closing and locking of all windows and doors and the arming of the alarm system).
  6. To be responsible for the general cleanliness of the campus, so as to foster an image of quality and responsibility that honors the Lord.
  7. To be responsible for the daily work assignments (i.e. cleaning of classrooms and restrooms including the vacuuming and/or sweeping and mopping of floors, cleaning walls of handprints and soil, cleaning of windows/mirrors, removing of cobwebs, cleaning of vents; cleaning and sanitizing of desktops, door frames, doors, door knobs, and other surfaces that are touched by students; the set-up of classrooms for school and/or church use.)
  8. To be responsible to work together as a team with other members of the crew in the set-up and teardown of the Event Request floor plans.
  9. To be responsible for identifying and reporting needed repairs and completing those repairs within the scope of one’s skill set.
  10. To be responsible for the landscaping assignments.
  11. To be responsible for the maintenance and operation of the equipment that is provided.
  12. To be responsible for urgent assignments given by the front office and/or are of a health or safety concern.
  13. To be responsible for special assignments issued by the Supervisor of Facilities.