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Did you know that over half of our students hear about Providence Christian College through a referral from a family member or friend?  That says a lot about Providence’s reputation as a high-quality liberal arts college and as a caring Christian institution.

Students and graduates play a tremendous role in introducing talented students to Providence since they represent real-life examples of the impact Providence has made on their lives.

By sharing your story with others, you provide inspiration, guidance and motivation to those who may be just beginning or who may have gotten stuck along their journey to find Faith-Guided Learning™.

We encourage all students, current and past, and alumni to share your pride in being part of the Sea Beggar family by participating in our Student Referral Program.

We believe you have a friend, relative, or co-worker who could benefit from the Providence mission – to equip students to be firmly grounded in biblical truth; thoroughly educated in the liberal arts; and fully engaged in their church, their community, and the world for the glory of God and for service to humanity.

Simply provide us with basic contact information by completing this simple referral form.  Our Admissions team will take it from there.  An Admissions team member will follow up with the student directly and help guide them through the application process.

When that student enrolls at Providence in the fall, you will receive your choice of reward:

A $300 Amazon Gift Card
$400 in tuition balance reduction
$500 in Providence loan forgiveness *

Thank you for helping us attract the brightest and most talented students to Providence. Fill out our Student Referral Form now!


*to qualify for this benefit, you must have taken loans through Providence which were offered in the first five years. Federal Stafford and Parent Plus loans do not qualify

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"My passion is to engage in apologetics and not only defend the Christian faith on an academic level, but to also teach young Christians how to defend their faith against the skeptics of our day.”
Femi O.
Class of 2018

“There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is sovereign over all, does not cry ‘Mine’!”
Abraham Kuyper

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