International Students

Providence Christian College welcomes students from around the world. We want to offer international students education and training from a Reformed perspective, so they can bring their newfound knowledge and skills back to their home country to provide leadership to churches and other ministries. We are seeking students with strong academic performance, proven English skills, and a clear sense of purpose for serving God. If you think God is calling you to Providence, we invite you to apply.

International student applicants must apply by February 1 for the fall enrollment semester.

International Student Admissions Process

To apply to Providence, international students must complete the following:

  1. Providence Christian College Application for Admission
  2. Student Data Form for SEVIS
  3. Nonrefundable $25 USD Application Fee
  4. Official High School Transcript and/or National Exam Test Results
    If your school is outside of the United States or Canada, please have your transcript evaluated by a current member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES). We require a course-by-course report. Please visit for more information.
  5. Official Transcripts for Any/All Colleges Attended
    If you have attended a college or university, have an official transcript sent it to Providence. Again, if it is outside of the United States or Canada, please have it evaluated by a current member of NACES.
  6. Proof of English Language Proficiency
    At this time, Providence does not offer English courses for non-native speakers. If English is not your native language or your secondary education was not conducted in English, you must demonstrate proficiency in English either by (1) a minimum IELTS band score of 7.0 (Academic or General Training) or by (2) a minimum TOEFL score of 563 (paper-based test), 223 (computer-based test), or 85 (web-based test). Students need a minimum of 21 on the writing portion and the reading portion of the web-based TOEFL. In addition to the TOEFL test, you would be required to have a telephone interview.
  7. ACT or SAT Reasoning Test Results
    Typically, you must preregister for the tests at least one month in advance of the test date. The results of either test are used for admissions as well as class placement. You will find more information online about testing locations and test dates for the SAT or ACT.
  8. Academic Reference
    Providence requires an academic reference from a teacher, counselor, or administrator who knows your academic abilities well. The reference should be sent directly to the Office of Admissions. Providing an addressed and pre-stamped envelope is suggested.
  9. Pastoral Reference
    This reference may be completed by either your pastor, youth pastor, or an elder at your church.
  10. Affadavit of Support for International Students
    International students need to provide financial evidence that shows you have sufficient funds to cover your tuition and living expenses during the period of your intended stay.
  11. Supporting Financial Documentation
    Official documentation that supports the information provided on the form is required. This includes, but is not limited to, an official letter of employment to verify income, an official bank statement to verify resources, and a signed and notarized letter from each sponsor. You will also need this information when entering the United States at a port of entry (POE)
  12. Payment for semester
    Note: The I-20 is issued one month prior to the start of the semester as long as the following conditions have been met:

    1. The student has been accepted for admission.
    2. The enrollment deposit, housing fees and the semester balance (after scholarships) have all been paid.

International Student Tuition Payments

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Femi O.
Class of 2018

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