The Pauline Scholarship

The Pauline Scholarship is for students who attend a public high school or college and are deeply grounded in faith while looking to influence the broader culture with the good news of Jesus Christ.

The apostle Paul stated to followers of Jesus Christ in one of his many letters that God sent him to the Greeks, while others are sent to the Jews, Israel. Greeks were not people from Greece, necessarily, instead Paul meant those outside of Israel or ones who are not somehow connected to Israel. Thus, Paul was different from other apostles, like John, Peter, or Timothy. He was sent into the dominant culture to witness about Jesus; in other words, Paul was sent to live out his faith and speak about his faith in Jesus Christ in a way that connected with, exposed, and countered the culture.

At Providence, we seek to develop students that take this same pursuit as Paul. We seek to develop students who are deeply grounded in their faith while looking for ways to engage the broader culture with the good news of Jesus Christ. 

The Pauline Scholarship ranges from $2000-$5000 per year and is renewable for four years. To apply for the scholarship, please complete one of the essays below and send to your admissions counselor or The priority deadline for scholarship application is March 1.

Essay Questions (Choose One):

  1. In 500 words, reflect on your experience within a public school in regards to your Christian faith. How have you sought to embody a faithful commitment to the Jesus Christ while being within a context in which faith is downplayed or as secondary to life?
  2. In 500 words, how do you feel learning and being within a Christian college environment will allow you to grow and prepare you for the rest of your life in light of your experiences within a public school system?

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"My passion is to engage in apologetics and not only defend the Christian faith on an academic level, but to also teach young Christians how to defend their faith against the skeptics of our day.”
Femi O.
Class of 2018

“To bring back truth, on a practical level, the church must encourage Christians to be not merely consumers of culture but makers of culture.”
J. Gresham Machen

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