Homeschool Scholarship

Each year at Providence, approximately 25-35% of our student body come from homeschooled backgrounds. In an effort to recognize the excellent preparedness of these students for the tutorial style education they receive, Providence will award a renewable scholarship ranging from $1000-$5,000 to students who have been homeschooled for all or part of high school.

In order to be eligible for the scholarship, students must simply apply to Providence and submit homeschool transcripts.

Students are eligible for only one of the following scholarships: Homeschool, Christian school or Reformed.

A Homeschooler’s Perspective


Dean Whitcher
Freshman from Oceanside, California
Cross Country runner at Providence
Former Homeschool Student

The primary reason I chose Providence was due to its strong emphasis in the Christian faith.  Life away at a secular college is the perfect place for the devil to get a foothold. Drawing ever closer to Christ in an environment where one is surrounded by fellow believers is a tremendous blessing. This is what I am looking forward to most. Read more »

10 Tips for Homeschoolers to Prepare for College
  1. Start Early.
    It takes time to research and visit colleges to determine what place feels like the right fit. You should begin thinking about college at age 14 or 15.
  2. Network with other college-bound homeschoolers.
    Expand your pool of knowledge about the college application process and coordinate opportunities for college visits.
  3. Don’t assume you can’t afford private college.
    In addition to academic merit and sports, private colleges offer scholarships in many other areas including leadership, ethnicity, religion and activities. Private college can end up costing the same as local public colleges.
  4. Focus on math and verbal skills.
    Scholarships tend to focus on one or both of these areas so prepare your child to excel in one and score above average in the other.
  5. Showcase your strength.
    You can’t be great at everything but you can be good at subjects across the board and then focus on nurturing the one area where you have natural aptitude and ability.
  6. Add extracurricular activities.
    It is important to show involvement in extracurricular activities so join a sports league, homeschool debate team and add work experience like babysitting or lawn care.
  7. Prepare for college entrance exams.
    Start by taking the PSAT in your junior year to see if you can qualify for the National Merit Award, then take both the ACT and SAT to see on which one you score the highest.
  8. Collect college credits.
    You can earn college credits as a homeschooler. Take AP tests, CLEP or DANTES exams. Smaller colleges tend to accept these credits more and it will demonstrate that you are ready for college level work.
  9. Take aptitude and personality tests.
    Start understanding your strengths and natural abilities. In college you will want to focus on a broad education and learning about a wide range of subjects but later you will want to focus on a particular career concentration and knowing your natural abilities will help in directing you to a satisfying and successful future.
  10. Give back through community service.
    College admissions counselors will take a second look at kids who give back so invest some time in volunteering to help out in your community.

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