Grants Available for Providence Students

Grants are financial aid monies given to students that the students do not need to repay. Grants are awarded based upon a student’s demonstrated need or by their meeting certain criteria. See our Financial Aid Awarding Policies to learn how aid is awarded. The following grants are currently awarded by Providence:


Federal Grants

PELL Grant

This grant is available to students who demonstrate a financial need as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Application is made by completing the form and releasing the results to Providence Christian College. Applicants must be U.S. citizens. Continued eligibility is based on the recipient demonstrating financial need each year according to the FAFSA and maintaining satisfactory academic progress. Amounts vary from $1176 – $5550.

State Grants

Cal Grants

Providence students are eligible to receive the Cal Grant, depending on need and merit. For exact details on the Cal Grant’s stipulations, please visit: deadline for submission is March 1.

Click here for Cal Grant Forms and Instructions

YES, homeschooled students are eligible for Cal Grants as well!

Click here for Homeschool Cal Grant Eligibility and Instructions

Providence Grants

College Aid Grant

This grant is available to students who demonstrate a financial need based on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the Virtual Financial Aid Office Application (VFAO). The amounts for this grant vary greatly as financial need among families also varies greatly. This grant is renewable for all four years based on a yearly resubmission of the FAFSA and VFAO forms.

To Apply: Applicants should complete the FAFSA and VFAO to qualify for this grant.

Due Date: March 1

Canadian Exchange Rate Grant

This grant is available to students and families who earn wages in Canadian dollars. A grant of $1000-$5000 will be awarded to Canadian students based on the current status of the Canadian dollar compared to the US dollar and the results of the Canadian Financial Aid Form.

Travel Grant

A $300 travel grant will be automatically awarded to all students whose home residence is in the state of California and live more than 300 miles from Pasadena.

All students whose home residence is outside the state of California will receive a grant between $300-$800 based on distance from the college. The scholarship amount is determined by the financial aid office and this is renewable based on the declared home residence of the student.

Applicants need not apply for this grant; it is awarded automatically based upon the student’s declared permanent residence.

Sibling Grant

Students with an older sibling attending Providence may be eligible for a sibling grant, which will be determind in your financial aid award.

Christian Ministry Grant

Students whose parents or legal guardians are employed as full-time Christian ministry workers will receive a Christian Ministry Grant. This grant is need-based, so the amounts vary. It is renewable upon resubmission of the Christian Ministry Verification Form.

To Apply: Applicants should complete the Christian Ministry Verification Form and submit it to the Office of Financial Aid.

Due Date: The application form should be returned by March 1.

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