Canadian Students

Did you know that Providence currently has a student body that is 14% Canadian? The provinces of British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario are proudly represented here and we are always looking for more Canadians!

Canadian Student Admissions Process

  1. Submit Application and SAT or ACT Testing To apply to Providence, Canadian students must submit the paperwork on the Apply to Providence page. If you have not yet taken the ACT or SAT, please register for the test as soon as possible. Submit your application materials and alert your admissions counselor of the date you will be taking the test.
  2. Financial Aid Requests Once accepted, Canadian students must submit the Canadian Financial Aid Form in order to apply for financial aid. This form will help us determine your eligibility for financial aid to attend Providence. We will keep this information confidential. This evaluation is similar to that used for all U.S. students (FAFSA) and students from other foreign countries. Note: In order to be considered in the first round of financial aid awards, this signed form should be completed after January 1 but before April 1. If you are a United States citizen living in Canada or if you have dual citizenship for the United States and Canada, you can apply for United States Federal Financial Aid and Loans.
  3. Obtain an Education Visa for Entry into the United States For issuance of an I-20 that provides entry into the United States, the Student Data Form and official documentation (bank statement) that supports the information provided on the form is required. Note: This form must be completed and sent to the college by June 1 for the next school year. It should be completed after you have received and accepted your financial aid package from Providence.

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