Psychology Concentration

The psychology concentration assists students in developing the theoretical insight and professional skills that enable them to enter graduate study and to serve in a variety of psychology-related careers and professions. The purpose of the program is to develop students equipped with psychological insight informed by a biblically-based Christian Reformed perspective.

Mission Statement

The Psychology concentration of Providence Christian College exists to enhance the holistic development of students through intellectual challenge, experiential learning, personal growth, and spiritual discovery so that students develop their understanding of healthy personhood, family, community, and culture in the context of a Biblical and Reformed worldview. The psychology concentration endeavors to nurture student knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for the observation, understanding, and analysis of human behavior.

Concentration Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the Psychology concentration will be able to:

  1. Articulate their own personal values, interests, talents, and abilities.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding and respect of cultural and global perspectives of self, others, and community and how their faith influences their contribution to the diverse communities and cultures.
  3. Translate understanding into habituation for effective interpersonal skills and services to meet human needs.
  4. Explore a basic knowledge of the concepts, methods, philosophical theories, and the ethical practice of scientific inquiry upon which the discipline of psychology is based within a Reformed worldview.
  5. Demonstrate knowledge of normal and abnormal human processes including learning, cognition, growth, development, personality, and cultural and religious identity.

Representative Classes Can Include

  • Social Science Research Methods
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Educational Psychology
  • Theories of Personality
  • Introduction to Abnormal Psychology
  • Neuroscience and Behavior
  • Field Experience


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“I am extremely thankful for Providence’s mission…it has taught me that no matter what I am studying or thinking on, I am to ask this question, ‘How does it relate to Christ?’”
Johnathan K.
Class of 2015

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