The Liberal Studies Major

The major in liberal studies provides students with a unique opportunity to view the world in a holistic and unified manner. Rather than examining reality through the lens of only one discipline, students are able to view life and the world from a number of perspectives. The multifaceted and integral nature of creation, which was formed and is held together by the Incarnate Word, Jesus Christ (John 1:1-3; Colossians 1:16-17; Hebrews 1:1-3), is explored and appreciated, both for its unity and its cohesion. A student with a major in liberal studies will gain a broad understanding and appreciation of God’s world and life within it. Students will gain a truly comprehensive education in the finest tradition of Christian liberal arts.

The liberal studies major takes advantage of a comprehensive core requirement for graduation by incorporating the entire core within the major and then supplementing that core with two additional concentrations.

  • Concentrations are courses in addition to the Core Liberal Arts Curriculum. A course may not be double-counted as fulfilling a requirement in both the Core and a Concentration.
  • A course listed as fulfilling both Core and Concentration requirements will normally be counted as fulfilling the Concentration requirement, and another course taken to fulfill the Core requirement. With approval from the academic advisor, a course may instead be counted in the Core and another course taken in its place for the Concentration.
  • Courses fulfilling requirements in different concentrations will count for both concentrations, without substitutions, up to six credit hours.
  • No more than half of the courses in a Concentration may be transferred from another college.
  • Classes listed below are three credit hours each unless otherwise noted.

Core Liberal Studies Curriculum (57-60 hours)

Foundations (8-11)

  • ENG 101 Composition
  • COM 101 Speech
  • Mathematics requirement may be fulfilled in the following ways:
    • BUS 111 or MAT 102 (or higher level Math course)
    • ACT math score of 28 or higher; SAT math score of 640 or higher
    • Completion of a high school AP Calculus class and test
  • Two HPE Courses 101-221

Kingdom of God: Bible and Theology (12)

  • BTS 111 Old Testament Studies and Theology I
  • BTS 112 Old Testament Studies and Theology II
  • BTS 211 New Testament Studies and Theology I
  • BTS 212 New Testament Studies and Theology II

Serving God and Neighbor: Christian Perspective and Calling (6)

  • FYS 101 First Year Seminar
  • FYS 102 Christian Calling and Stewardship
  • LBS 101 Christian Mind

Exploring Creation and Culture (26-29)

  • ENG 201 Introductory Studies in Literature
  • HIS 111 American Civilization and Culture
  • HUM 211 Civilization and Culture I
  • HUM 212 Civilization and Culture II
  • Humanities and Fine Arts Elective
  • Social Science Elective
  • Lab Science Elective
  • Avodah Excursions and/or Avodah Immersion
  • Cross Cultural Experience

Capstone (3)

LBS 400 Capstone Course

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