Chris ChownChris Chown

Head Volleyball Coach

Chris Chown has been at the helm of the Sea Beggars Women’s Volleyball team since 2015. He brings a passion for the game of volleyball that has developed over many years of competing and coaching both indoor and on the beach. He played throughout high school as well as three years as a part of the club volleyball team at University of California-Los Angeles. Recently, he has focused his playing efforts in the California Beach Volleyball Association.

Coach Chown spent six years coaching varsity boys and girls volleyball teams at various high schools throughout Los Angeles, leading two different programs to their first league championship in school history.

Chown graduated from UCLA with a degree in Sociology and after spending a year in Mexico City doing missions work, returned to UCLA to earn his teaching credential and masters in secondary math education. He taught and coached in the Los Angeles Unified School District for five years, where he actively invested in the lives of young people. He, his wife Amanda, and daughter Zayna are members at Pacific Crossroads Church.


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