Business, Economics, and Entrepreneurship Concentration

Mission Statement

The mission of the Business, Economics, and Entrepreneurship (BEE) concentration at Providence Christian College is to develop lifelong learners that can think critically, communicate effectively, and operate a business or businesses innovatively within a biblical framework in the marketplace.

Why Study Business, Economics and Entrepreneurship at Providence?

Providence Christian College’s Business, Economics, and Entrepreneurship (BE&E) concentration explores principles of business and economics in the dynamic environment of entrepreneurship. The BEE curriculum, in conjunction with the broader liberal arts education, prepares students to be creative and innovative problem-solvers. The information learned in this concentration is directly tied to fulfilling the gospel’s cultural mandate (Gen 1:26), while at the same time identifying how a vocation in business relates to Christ’s work of “making all things new” (Rev. 21:5).

The BEE concentration begins in the first year by laying the essential groundwork for critical thinking with a core focused upon economics, mathematics, philosophy, political theory, religion, and Western Civilization. Additional courses on composition and presentation require students to not only learn material but communicate information cogently and persuasively—essential skills in business. BE&E majors are also introduced to entrepreneurial thinking that shapes the concentration in enrolling their first year in “Principles and Practice of Innovation.”

Second-year students complete additional studies in the liberal arts core while enrolling in Microeconomics & Macroeconomics in the Fall and Spring semesters, and also having the option to advance to the study of Financial & Managerial Accounting in their second or third year of study.

Upper-class BEE students enroll in classes on Marketing, Christian Ethics, Finance and Political Economy. Electives and other core course requirements round out a student’s academic preparation, before their program culminates in their participation in the BEE program: the “Capstone Launch.”

The fourth-year “Capstone Launch” helps prepare students for entering the world of business by encouraging them to conceive and apply entrepreneurial ideas to real-world opportunities and challenges they will encounter in the marketplace. The goal of the Capstone Launch is that students employ all of the elements of their Providence Christian education in an applied and experiential setting.

Leadership in business requires agility to act wisely within the moment, while never losing sight of the long view. By grounding the study of business in religion, history, philosophy, politics, and economics, Providence seeks to put students on the path to this kind of balanced insight. We prepare our graduates to be innovators and leaders within an interconnected, dynamic economy, able to work expertly, confidently, and ethically at every stage of their career.

Concentration Learning Outcomes

After active participation and completion of this program, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a significant understanding of the fundamental concepts of accounting, economics, management science, management and organizational behavior, and marketing through the lens of entrepreneurship.
  2. Evaluate business problems from the perspective of multiple business disciplines and then formulate, communicate, and defend recommendations to decision-makers based on those evaluations.
  3. Produce clearly written, concise analyses, and deliver clear, well organized, persuasive oral presentations.
  4. Work more effectively with others by:
  • understanding and recognizing the importance of diversity or inclusion.
  • understanding one’s own unique cultural background and the backgrounds of other students and faculty members
    developing effective interpersonal interactions.
  • developing effective group interactions.
  • Articulate a Christian and Reformed perspective on business, economics, and entrepreneurship.
Concentration Course Requirements
BEE Courses within the Liberal Studies Degree Core
HUM 110Philosophical, Political, and Economic Thought3
ENT 201Principles and Practice of Innovation3
BUS 305Principles of Management, Communication, and Organization 3
Course #BEE Required Course Titles Units
ECO 211Microeconomics3
ECO 212Macroeconomics3
BUS 201Financial Accounting3
BUS 202Managerial Accounting3
BUS 306Marketing3
PHL 340Christian Ethics3
BUS 425Finance3
ECO 411Political Economy3
Course #BEE Elective Course Titles Units
BUS 405Strategic Management3
BUS 406Non-profit Management3
ECO 413Economic Development3
BEE Capstone Course Titles
LBS 499Capstone: Career Development & E-Portfolio3
ENT 499Lean Launch Capstone3
Concentration Course Map
Year One - FallYear One - Spring
New Testament INew Testament II
Composition IComposition II
Philosophical, Political & Economic ThoughtClassical and Medieval Civilization and Culture
The Christian MindLifespan Development
Intro to Public CommunicationPrinciples & Practice of Innovation
Year Two - FallYear Two - Spring
Old Testament IOld Testament II
World LiteratureIntroduction to Fine Art
Modern/Post-Modern Civilization and CultureAmerican Civilization and Culture
MathLab Science
Year Three - FallYear Three - Spring
Christ, Culture, and ContextualizationPrinciples of Management, Organization, and Communication
Financial AccountingManagerial Accounting
MarketingChristian Ethics
Elective Elective
Year Four - FallYear Four - Spring
Capstone: Career Development and e-PortfolioCapstone: Paper/Project & Presentation
Spanish I*Spanish II*
FinancePolitical Economy

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