Top 10 Reasons to Choose Providence

Pioneers in redefining what a Christian College education means for the 21st century

Residential and nurturing community where professors and students work, live, and worship together

Only WASC Accredited college on the West Coast with a Reformed theological perspective

Value and affordability of a Providence education when compared to other private Christian colleges in Southern California

International and cultural opportunities through our close proximity to the greater Los Angeles community

Deeper insights from our Faith Guided Learning™ approach to an educational and spiritual student experience

Experiential learning through unique and compelling Avodah off-campus college credit experiences

New scholarship opportunities, including Homeschool and Athletics, plus scholarships for Academic Merit, Christian Leadership, Reformed church and Christian school associations

Confidence provided by the Providence Promise Loan Repayment Assistance Program, which, if needed, helps students repay student loans after graduation

Excellence in academic standards, grounded in a rich liberal arts tradition, plus a wide range of concentrations to prepare students for their vocational calling

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“My classes and professors really helped me develop a Christian perspective on teaching, something that transcends differences in cultures of classrooms and has given me a framework to try to adapt my teaching to Honduran students.”
Emily D.
Alumna - Class of 2014

“True wisdom consists in two things: Knowledge of God and Knowledge of Self.”
John Calvin

Deeper Learning for Greater Wisdom