Faith Guided Learning™

What Faith Guided Learning™ Means

Providence Christian College provides an education based in a deep conviction to God’s word within a community of believers.

Here, faith is an integral and essential component of the education – in every subject. We call it Faith Guided Learning™ because the Scriptures give purpose and freedom to learning. A Providence education does this with a rigorous emphasis on both experiential and classroom learning.

We intentionally focus on a single Liberal Studies degree to broaden students’ minds, with multiple concentrations for specific career goals. Faith does not simply accompany or walk alongside learning.  Learning assumes that faith is the engine, the driver, the heart of knowing.

All of life is worship. The Christian faith is resting and trusting in God to guide us toward truth, beauty, and goodness but also, and most importantly, to redemptive freedom in Jesus Christ. All knowledge not only rests on faith but is moved by it.

All truth is God’s truth. True knowledge of self and world begins first with an affectionate submission to the true God, the maker, sustainer, and redeemer of both self and ultimately the world.

And because Providence Christian College only offers Faith Guided Learning™, you will move closer to God with every aspect of this education.

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“Liberal arts is a conversation through which we obtain wisdom. True wisdom, then, founded in the fear and love of the Lord, engenders a desire for a deeper knowledge and love of one another, teaches us and aids us in forgiving and reconciling with one another and encourages us to explore together the limitless implications of our redeemed existence on this earth.”
Danielle D.
Class of 2015

“There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is sovereign over all, does not cry ‘Mine’!”
Abraham Kuyper

Deeper Learning for Greater Wisdom