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Returning Student Housing Request

In order to be granted a housing assignment for fall 2017, all students must complete the following:
1) Register for classes for fall 2017
2) Pay $100 housing deposit posted on Populi
3) Complete the following Fall 2017 Housing Form.

Housing deposits are only refundable if a request is made in writing to the business office prior to June 1st. A $25 late fee applies for deposits received after June 1.

Housing will be based on seniority as well as the completion of the previously mentioned requirements prior to room selections. All applications received after the room selection process will go on a waiting list. Students will receive notification of housing assignments through their Providence email address.

***While the student life department will do their best to meet your requests, they cannot guarantee it.  Participating in the housing draw will greatly increase the likelihood of receiving your first choice for housing. You will be notified of your housing assignment through your Providence email and the assignment will also appear on Populi. ***

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