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Airport Ride Request

BEFORE submitting this form, note that your student account will be charged a fee for bringing you to or picking you up from the airport. The fees are as follows: Burbank ($30), Los Angeles ($40), Ontario ($45), Long Beach ($45), or Santa Ana ($65). Students are strongly encouraged to fly into the Burbank Airport, if possible. The airport runs may be considerably earlier than the student’s departing flight or later than the student’s arriving flight.

Students can also travel to LAX via the Fly Away bus and Metro for less than $10. Students who choose this option will be dropped off at the Metro Gold Line train stop (at Allen or Lake Ave) by a college driver for free.

Additional notes:
1) The fees are per car trip, not per person. Fees will be lower for those who carpool.
2) Students attending new student orientation will be picked up from the airport for free.
3) If your plans change and you no longer need a ride, please email If you fail to notify student life prior to your flight coming in you will be charged a fee.
4) This form MUST be completed/submitted at least 7 days before your flight. Those who submit forms late will be charged a $10 fee.
5) A number of cheap shuttle options are available to get from campus to these airports as well. (Super Shuttle or Shuttle2LAX

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