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Student Activities

The campus community is certainly a highlight of many people’s college experience—and Providence is no exception. The Student Life department works with the S.O.C.A.L. and various student clubs to provide an exciting, holistic experience.

Providence offers students a number of opportunities to become involved. At Providence you can work on some of our publications, like our student run newspaper called The Beggar Blade; enjoy some healthy competition by participating in the Intramural Sports Program, try out for the Providence Chamber Singers, or work with one of our campus ministries. Student Life also sponsors events throughout the year such as media fasts, concerts, and Midnight Breakfast is an important start to any successful exam week.

Keep up with all that’s happening on campus by visiting the Student Life section of the calendar.


Providence’s club program seeks to exemplify a conscious attempt to bring students’ academic, personal, and social experiences together into coherent learning. It aims not only to provide leadership and relational experience, but to reinforce community-oriented values and connection with staff/faculty outside the classroom. Providence encourages a diverse selection of clubs recognizing God’s sovereignty over all areas of creation. For full details on clubs, scroll down toward the bottom of the page.

A few of our full-status clubs

Film Society

Providence Productions

Ministry of Food

Students for Life

Drama Association

The Beggar Blade

Hiking Club

Cultural Renaissance

Philosophy Club

Free Speech and Debate Club

Don’t see something you are interested in? One great aspect of our clubs is they are constantly growing. If interested in starting a new club please contact community director of involvement, Johnathan Kruis:


Hiking Club: 

Club President: Will Southard,

The purpose of the hiking club is to encourage students to spend time off campus exercising and enjoying God’s creation. It is for anyone interested, regardless of their level of experience. The hiking club is co-led by Dr. Scott Swanson. Thus, it also provides students with the great opportunity to get to know a Providence faculty member.

Ministry of Food Club: 

Tweetie Campbell,

The Ministry of Food Club has created 11 events with 33 homemade delicious dishes for students since 2014. The purpose of the club is for students to learn home cooking in easy and quick way, to have a break from classes and cafeteria, to have enjoyment of good food, and to get together. The club promotes unity on campus by bringing students together, and learning hospitality.

Free Speech and Debate Club: 

Craig Whitt,

The mission of the Free Speech and Debate Club is to provide a space where ideas can be expressed and then put to the test to see if those ideas hold up to criticism. It is also meant to further challenge club members to consider ideas that may not be encountered in the classroom to continue the pursuit of an intellectually strong and critically thinking community. The mark of an intellectually strong community is one where ideas are confronted and critiqued rather than ignored or suppressed in the fear of potentially finding one’s position to be lacking.

The Blade: 

Angela Groom,

The Beggar Blade is the student-run newspaper at Providence Christian College. If you have an interest in journalism or writing, consider getting involved by emailing with “Beggar Blade” in the subject line.

To read The Beggar Blade, go to

Film Society: 

Ross Guiteriez,

“Film Society is student originated and lead. The purpose of film club is to create a space for students to use our liberal arts education to better enjoy the art of film. As a club we look to be challenged in our critical thinking and our faith by the films that we watch. This year in film club we hope to explore the different aspects and genres of film in an effort to make a more clear definition of what makes a quality film.”

Providence Productions: 

Tyler Bulthuis,

The purpose of Providence Productions is to nurture, foster, encourage, create, and otherwise support the film program at Providence. Our school is located near LA, a city in which we have the incredible opportunity to interact with film production and culture. There is a large number of students at Providence who are excited about acting, filming, directing, producing, scriptwriting, and the like – students who have one ultimate goal: to glorify God in making art. This club will convene regularly to watch instructional videos, meet with industry professionals, and use this knowledge to make hands-on short films. We will in the short-film process endeavor to learn how to work and produce in a distinctly Christian way. The palette of video is one with which it is unusually easy to demonstrate faithful ethics, demeanors, and relationships.

Philosophy Club: 

Dane Beveridge,

The Philosophy club is focussed on a broad range of philosophical topics to provide students with a number of entry points into topics that they can then pursue on their own. The club operates around talks with professional philosophers focussed on a selected topic for the semester. With the introduction from a professional in the topic, students feel motivated or emboldened to pursue their own course of investigation into the subject. We also aim to reinforce healthy methods of discourse of complex subjects in the public sphere.

Culture Renaissance: 

Joséandres Arjona-Garzón,

This Club celebrates the different ethnicities and cultures represented on campus.

Intramural Sports:

The intramural sports program at Providence Christian College seeks to offer ways in which all Providence students can participate in athletics as part of their education. God calls us to be faithful servants in extending his kingdom in all areas of life, and this includes athletics and the care of our bodies. The intramural program is another opportunity to seek to glorify God in all we do.

Please contact Johnathan Kruis,, or Collin Vis, if you are interested in joining.

Student Senate: 

Student Senate consists of elected members of the student body who support the mission of Providence Christian College, acts as a channel of communication between students, faculty, and administration, and addresses the needs of the student body.

Student Senate Members:

Student Body President: Kyle Kortenhoeven

Student Body Vice President: Nicole Dotinga

Treasurer: Renee Haveman

Secretary: Presence Massie

Senior Male Rep: Steven Zermeño

Senior Female Rep: Madison Vujnov

Junior Male Rep: Craig Whitt

Junior Female Rep: April Otto

Sophomore Male Rep: Elgin Ball

Sophomore Female Rep: Hope Rhodes

Please Contact Kyle Kortenhoeven, or Johnathan Kruis, if you have any questions regarding student senate.

Campus Activities Board: 

The Campus Activities  team member  position seeks to offer effective programs and events to build campus unity and support the mission of Providence Christian College to pursue faith guided learning, not just in the classroom but in every area of the college experience, including leadership positions.

Please contact Presence Massie, the Campus Activities Board Director if you have any questions regarding CAB events.

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Emily D.
Alumna - Class of 2014
“God's works of providence are, his most holy, wise, and powerful preserving and governing all his creatures, and all their actions.”
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