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Tuition and Fees

2017-2018 Tuition

  • Full-time (12 to 18 credit hours per semester): $28,522/year
  • Overload fees (over 18 credit hours per semester): $566/credit hour
  • Part-time (Less than 12 credit hours per semester): $1132/credit hour
  • Auditing fee (per course for non-matriculated students): $34/credit hour

Room and Board

Please note that all resident students are required to have a standard 420 Plan for meals. Financial Aid packages are issued assuming double Aylward House room and 420 meal plan.

Aylward House
Single dorm room                $6,776/year
Double dorm room              $4,894/year
Oversize double room         $5,188/year
**Triple dorm room             $4,638/year

Townsend Hall
Double dorm room              $5,138/year
**Triple dorm room             $4,638/year

**Triple rooms are limited and assignments are at the sole discretion of the College                            

Meal Plan Options
450Plan                                 $3,928/year
500Plan                                 $4,800/year


Student Activity Fee: $400/year

The Student Activity Fee is applied toward the expense of student publications, clubs, class officers, and co-curricular activities, including intramurals.

Student Services Fee: $450/year

Technology services and support, phones services, postal services, cashiers office, parking, campus safety.

New Student Orientation Fee: $275 (one-time fee)

The New Student Orientation Fee is a one-time fee to help cover the cost for the student orientation and retreat (SOAR). Transfer students who come in after 1st semester will be charged a prorated fee of $50.

Medical Insurance:

Students will be required to show proof of medical insurance coverage.


Security Deposit

  • Commuter student: $100
  • Resident student: $400

Enrollment Deposit

  • $100 Enrollment Deposit, refundable before May 1
  • The enrollment deposit serves as a confirmation of a student’s plan to enroll and is applied toward charges on the student account for the coming semester.

    Net Price Calculator

To estimate the price of your Providence education, please visit the net price calculator.

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